“Praying To Darwin”

I’ve discovered a wonderful little blog called, “Praying To Darwin”.

Or rather, it’s author found my blog first, left a comment and I obliged by checking out her blog. I’m glad I did.

Ginny is the proprietrixt of this e-journal. She is smart and funny and her blog reflects this. Although, she’s a stay at home mom (a very difficult gig–my hat is off to her), her blog reflects the world that exists beyond mothering and housewifery. Her scope is far from limited.

More importantly, she’s a very good writer. Cohesive and concise.

I’ve been in Broadcasting (TV and radio) for 25 years. For the last ten of those years, my career has focused on comedy in one form or another, so considering I’m a woman and by the very nature of what I’ve done and continue to do professionally, I’m far more critical of female writers.

Additionally, I’ll be the first to admit that hard core “chick lit” and “mommy blogs” can turn me off faster than seeing Steve Buscemi naked and eating snails in a Bernaise sauce, but Praying To Darwin is something different. Ginny doesn’t try to be cute; she doesn’t try too hard to be funny and mercifully, she doesn’t try to prove she’s “a badass”; in fact, nothing about this blog seems forced. What Ginny writes is effortless. Her humor is natural.

A lot of so-called humor blogs (especially those penned by women) are completely devoid of this natural state . Readers end up being beaten over the head with one failed attempt at humor after the other and to me, there is nothing more vacuous. What’s so sad is that most of the authors of these blogs are completely oblivious to their own shortcomings…as  writers in general, as humor writers specifically.

This is tragic for them; an even bigger travesty for those forced to read this schlock.

In closing, I’ll say this: In a blogosphere rife with bullshit forced-feedings of misplaced narcissism that’s anything but funny or clever, “Praying to Darwin” provides a wonderful respite.

Ginny is a “real deal” writer. Her blog is very entertaining and a Laurie Kendrick recommended read.

If I had a cutsy ass LK logo for her to embed in her blog I’d send it to her.


  1. What Key says is true. This man is many things…among them, he too is a talented writer. Learn to take compliments. He wouldn’t have said them if he didn’t mean it.

    Consider this part of your advanced training.

  2. Okay. I was debating asking this question a few days back, but now that it’s happened twice, I feel compelled. Why isn’t it enough just to compliment someone’s blog, without disparaging the rest of what’s out there? Do you have to be derisive of other’s blogs in order to extol one in particular? As a young ‘un in this blogging universe, I’ve loved the encouraging words I’ve received (yours included), and I already question aplenty whether my writing amounts to self-indulgent navel-gazing. Must a seasoned blogger such as yourself strike fear and doubt in the hearts of those less confident in their craft?

  3. Well, if the shoe fits, ya know….I don’t think Laurie was really trying to demean anyone. But, if you feel like it’s pointed at you, then maybe it is. I don’t feel.

  4. I’ll give LK this much. There are a lot of crap blogs out there. There are those that are supposed to be funny that in reality, take lame to the extreme.

    She has the right to call it as she sees it. So with that said, I really don’t understand why you’d even think to question her on anything she’d write about in her blog. If you have something to feel insecure about with regard to your writing, then the problem is yours, not Laurie Kendrick’s.

  5. Ah, okay – I get it. Saying what you think is only cool if it’s worshipful of the “old timers,” is that it? Somehow I’m guessing LK would/will be able to digest my respectfully-asked question with a little more grace (and a little less defensiveness) than some of her fans. Perhaps I struck a nerve?

  6. Don’t worry lastimearound, I understand what you are trying to say. I admit that I am a self-indulgent navel gazing, badass, narcissist, who gets joy out of executing my detractors. That is what blogging is all about really. Of course I know you agree. It feels so good to be liked.

    (Don’t worry. She wouldn’t have encouraged you if she didn’t enjoy your blog.)

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