Fun With Morbidity

Wanna know when you’re gonna die?

Here, for the first time in your life, allow your honest-to-God “morbid curiosity” really get the best of you.

Or in this case, the worst of you.

If you’re just dying to find out your ultimate date of departure, see this for that.

As for me and my bucket kicking date and time? Just be sure you have a black suit, a box of Kleenex and a few hours to kill on the afternoon of January 19, 2035.


  1. Your death will have a profound effect on me…it will be safe to say that I simply won’t be able to get over it…

    I’m slated to depart on Feb. 12, 2035.

    Let’s get together that New Year’s for a hell of a party…

  2. When I entered Pessimistic (I am a realist who borders on cynicism), I’d be dead in 15 years. AUGH! So I entered Normal and had another 15 years added to my life. So, for the record, I am going to try REALLY hard to be NORMAL from now on.

  3. damn…i changed mine to normal and it came back with TODAY!!!

    i gotta go!!! i have a lot t…ach!!! can’t breathe…world going black…can see past Christmases…prom…graduation…weddings [all of them]…kids…lawyers…laurie [???]…send help…everything black…bright light ahead…

  4. I call bullshit. My BMI is less than 25, and I’m a non-smoker. My smokin’, fried food eatin'(BMI WAAAY over 25) husband is going to outlast me by 6 years!!!

    That’s it. I’m cancelling my life insurance. He can fend for himself. Lucky bastard….

  5. For some reason LK I am going to out live you by a year. I am scheduled to die on July 3, 2036. I am a planner, so having a date set to die is a good thing for me!

  6. Darn, today I turned 56 years old and I’m going to die on a Sat. May 12, 2029 at the ripe old age of 77. Old boy, I better get busy and find that man, so I can still have some fun! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Happy Birthday, Christine! May you find everything you seek in this auspicious 56th year of your life.


  7. Thank, LK and “Andy in Alvin” no I’m not a cougar but, if you know any single men around my age,( 50 = 62) I maybe interested. Thanks….

  8. I don’t know if I’m going to be around in 2038, because I’m too afraid to check, but if I’m still up and runnin’, I will so be there to pay my respects (but really I can’t stand all this morbid stuff so YES you’ll still be around too!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  9. September 29, 2019 – damn that sucks. I’ll be 50 but still have managed to outlive most of my family.

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