Laurie’s Weekly Recap

OK kids…let’s see what we learned this week: we learned how to go #2 at work with as much ease as possible and no, it had NOTHING to do with eating more fiber.

We learned about one of the new postage stamp designs and franking.

We learned what women say in certain situations and what these things really mean.

We learned the reasons why many women lean in and touch each other, face-to-face when being photographed.

We learned about symbolism and how certain symbols and symbolic images affect us.

And we saw how the concept of “cute and cuddly” can clean your computer screen.

Just click on the day for the post and enjoy your fix of LK crap from one convenient location.








One comment

  1. Wow, have I missed a lot! I guess I’ll have to cram to catch up on the week’s lessons.

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