1. Beautiful stuff. I put this song on a compilation tape I made for the woman who would become my wife. Fond memories…

  2. It is pretty isn’t it? I just wish what John Hiatt is singing could be more applicable.

    I’m talking faith in every aspect of the word. Faith in a supreme supernatural power–whatever form that takes and of course, the faith we have to have in each other.

    Unfortunately,things happen, the ego takes over and then insecurity and fear fill in the other voids and there you have it: heartache and just another failed relationship.

    I hate when love lost becomes a sad statistic.

    So, we as humans are left with this request; we say to each other: have a little faith in me. And I’ll try to have a little faith in you.

    Simple request; seemingly impossible task sometimes.

    And I wish I knew why.

  3. Laurie,

    I’ve been following along with this discussion and I’m extremely disturbed. I am one man who’s not going to sit back and play cat and mouse with this lunatic. This needs handling and he does not need to be poked with a verbal stick or egged on. Any man who truly cares for you would act on this and nip this bullshit in the bud. Frankly, I’m repulsed this has gone on this far.

    I am in the “business” and can help you handle this situation. Please e-mail me immediately. I’m serious, Laurie.

  4. Karol, I’m sorry to hear you are so sick, take care, lots of chicken soup and vitamin C. I’ve had this sore throat and cought for weeks. So, lots and lots of viamins C, good luck.
    Spring get here soon, we are all tried of being sick! Amen!!

  5. Thank you for your well wishes. Got the cough, sore throat and over all yuckiness. LK has it, too, guys. Please wish her well, also.


  6. JazzGuy,

    Laurie is a very versatile writer. She can be funny, witty, and hilarious wrapped up in one. She can also be romantic, compassionate and some of her stories can draw tears from the eyes of the very hardest person.

    Yes, you missed some heavy exchanges the other night. They were getting a lot of attention on her blog. For her sake, I hope the trouble maker doesn’t make another appearance.

  7. Talked to LK yesterday, she was not feeling well at all. Stay in bed and get plenty of fluids.

    I hope you are feeling better too Karol.

    I read the comments last night also. It was not good. Be careful Laurie, I worry about your safety.

    Juan, PM was very much in the game. Whoever ????? is, well lets just say he is scary!

  8. “In my realm of relevance Nate, you’re a lepton. You are beyond insignificant. Do you understand how much you don’t rate in my life?”

    Even when sick, the woman is still such a badass. Bonus points and mad propz for using lepton, LK!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Take care LK and if yor fever stays at 103 for to long , well lets say, ” GET TO THE HOSPITAL TODAY!!” I need you well for your wonderful stories! WE all love you too much to lose you!Juan please take care of her while PM is away! Thank you, Juan…

  10. For starters, it’s a hilarious insult among Mensa members and Quark Physicists. In the simplest of terms, a lepton is the smallest particle of matter known to man. Classic Kendrick.

  11. I didn’t see the Nate comments but LK–you know my number and I still have lots of friends at the DA’s office. 😉

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