A Combustible Chain Reaction

What you’re about to view is a quintessential weekend post. By that I mean, it’s someone else’s effort.  I merely copy and pasted the link.

It’s an odd little video that while interesting to watch unfold, just might be about a minute and a half too long. Still, I was oddly amused and I’m not sure why. Maybe I stuck around to see what was coming next.  Perhaps you will too.  Admittedly, it has that effect.

This is a Rube Goldberg production. I don’t know who Rube is but it’s obvious that he has a fascination with fire, an awful lot of free time, access to matches and a friend who owns a large warehouse…..

With lots of insurance.

The ending is comparable to the let down of “bad sex”, but I applaud Rube’s knowledge of applied physics and inertia.

Enjoy, but here’s a word of caution, especially for those of you in my audience who’ve been diagnosed with ADD or any combination of those letters and an “H”: move along.

This will not amuse.

But for those of you with normal attention spans, see this.


  1. Thanks for posting this Laurie. I do have to confess…I burned down 14 houses, garages and barns before I got this damn thing right…

    What I finally learned? Don’t skimp on the tires. Re-treads roll unevenly.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to re-load on the Bactine…

  2. If this was the 60’s and I was a teenager again ,I would have said, “Far Out!!!!” and possibly be stoned on LSD or whatever….I have to admit that I was intrigued by this.

    Say…uh…Mr. Goldberg, do you have a job??????? Seriously, this was something else. Must have taken a lot of time to do.

    Thanks for the entertainment.

  3. That was great, thanks. I loved Mousetrap as a kid (it was lousy to play as a game, but fun to build) and my kids love it now. There was another one I liked, but don’t remember the name of. Have enjoyed your blogs, even if I only have time for the pix.

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