Funny, Funny Racism

Narrow Spanish for White Broads.

Get a yob, White Boy!!


And finally, what is this exactly? Irony? Accidental racism? Politically incorrect commercialism?

Or just the carelessness of an “ignant ass Walgreen’s stock boy”?




  1. OMG, your pregunta(pregnant?) Do I need to get a baby shower together for you?HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    That was great. Ryen and I were both laughing.

  2. Okay, Johnnypeepers picture made me laugh. As did the Walgreens sign–nice going corporate America. You know if we just let Hillary win so she can create a governmental village and take away all individual thought and private enterprise these foolish and embarrasing racial mistakes will no longer continue to happen. But… if she wins then she is beating a black guy–which sounds kinda racist when you think about it “beating a black guy.” Yikes–we are doomed.

    Okay-I’m losing my mind clearly-stuck in the Philadelphia airport and contemplating creative ways to kill myself–I was thinking maybe set on fire but then fall into water so that I drown–comments? Ideas?

  3. This was so funny, but, too sad. Lord help us, when we get our first Black President or a Hillary! Our country is going to hell so fast, Lord HELP US!!!

  4. Christine,

    Why would this country be going to hell if elected a Black president? Hillary I understand, but an entire race I do not get it. Maybe I am unenlightened, or maybe I am.

  5. The country would be just fine, Johnny Peeps.

    I am a Conservative–make NO mistake about that, but of all the candidates I like Barack Obama best. Some say he doesn’t have the “experience”. What is experience anyway? It’s another word for seasoning and I assure you, no one short of a former president is prepared for the task of running the country. Especially this country. Some will dispute what I’m about to say but I think George W. Bush has had one of the most difficult presidencies in history. No administration is ever flawless but Bush has been more of a victim of the agenda driven Left than a perpetrator of his own.

    I don’t like McCain. For reasons I can’t even fathom and never liked Romney for reasons I could. I don’t like Hillary for the human being she represents. Her particular genitalia has nothing to do with it. But in her case, there’s a difference between “having one” and “being one”.

    I think she’s a reprehensible liar.

    So, I’m left with Obama.

    I can’t speak for Christine or what in her world or experience would motivate her to feel that way, much less express her possible prejudices in a very public forum such as this, but personally, I think Obama can take all the marbles if he wants to. The main thing he has going for him is that he’s not Hillary.

    Keep in mind this is a card carrying Republican writing this. And as one, I say this country is ready for a president who’s half black and half white. So far I like what I see. There’s something about him.

    Besides, brilliance is not negated by color.

    Then again, neither is stupidity. Both are equally opportunistic.

    If Obama wins, the jury will he out for a while. But only for a little while. He’ll have a few months grace period. Then comes the pundits and the media scrutiny which he’ll still have despite the fact that he’s a Democrat. There’s nothing like being in the non-partisan global fish bowl that is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to prove what smarts you have….or what smarts you lack.

    If Obama wins, he will succeed or fail based on his on efforts or lack thereof. The amount of melanin in his skin won’t make a goddamned difference…not even to rope gathering lynch mobs outside of Sanguine Neck, Georgia.

    The only way race will become an issue is if Barack Obama makes it one.


  6. Okay-I’m losing my mind clearly-stuck in the Philadelphia airport and contemplating creative ways to kill myself

    Dude, don’t EVER fly into or out of Philadelphia…it’s suicide.

    Did you even get your luggage back?

    Flying into and out of Philly last year, they lost my luggage ON BOTH ENDS OF THE TRIP…

  7. I’m on the same political page as you Laurie. *why am I not surprised?*

    heh, the first video reminds me of my neighbor women, pinche putas.

  8. Johnnypeepers,

    I’m not against a black person running for President, I just don’t care for this particular candidate, due to some things I have been reading and hearing about him. He just scares me to death. I personal don’t care for most of the candidates that are running. I don’t even know who I can vote for?

    Every time I think, I have found a good candidate, something is not right about this person. So, I just don’t know? Maybe Obama is a good person but, I just don’t feel it. I know our country will pick the best leader.

  9. Christine,

    Just so I understand, you are not against a black person “running” for president, as long as he does not get elected, right?

    You will not win the NAACP White People Equal Rights Award for statements like, “Lord help us, when we get our first Black President”.

    “I know our country will pick the best leader.”

    Hahahahaha. Remember Jimmy Carter?

  10. Yes, he was a big mistake and I also remember Wallace too, another JOKE ( a bad one). What I mean, is when it is the right person running for president, I will vote him or her.I don’t care about the color of the skin, as long as they can be a great leader of our country. I’m all for him or her! I’m not a racist! I just feel we do not have very good candidates running for president and I’m sorry,that’s just the way I feel right now. And I hate the NAACP, and all those other racist groups, I think you are taking my comments all wrong and I’m sorry about that!

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