Laurie’s Weekly Recap

This week was a blogging frenzy for me. I was silly…SILLY with creative ideas about posts and doctored photos.

So much so that I dreamed last night that the late, great Roy Schieder backed into my room wearing a uniform befitting the Chief of the Amity Police Department and said to me, “You’re gonna need a bigger blog”.


No Chief Brodie, I don’t, but rest in peace, my friend.

Instead, I’ve decided to economize time and space.

So, unless something really moves me and warrants a post of it’s own, I will henceforth use each and every Friday as a weekly recap…a veritable one-stop reading venue for all you devoted Lauridians.

It might be a stand alone post or it might go in tandem with something similar or something completely different. Hell, I don’t know!

But I can tell you that all you need to do is just click on any day and voila!…a week’s worth of my crap at your fingertips.





You lucky bastards getta Hump Day two-fer CLICK HERE




And finally, how would the ancient Roman comedian Scheckicus have said “erection” in Latin?

The answer is: bonus

(as in Latin for “boner”)


  1. Want to hear something freaky? I’m 42, and have never seen Jaws. Ever. Should I be dissected and studied, or what?

  2. Oh, the Latin question…

    Phallus erectus?

    No Doc..that was a joke. The answer is in the post—it’s “bonus”:…as in Latin for “boner”????

  3. I thought he was hot in Jaws. Didn’t see him in that Bob Fosse movie and I didn’t know he was no longer with us. Guess that means no Jaws 1 reunion movie?

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