Happy St. Patty’s Day To Our Irish President


Yeah, you read that right.   Obama IS our first Irish president, at least in this century and yes, the impecable brain trust here at Laurie Industries can prove it.

I woke up early this morning, my brown eyes just a shade greener because of the holiday.  ‘Tis St. Patrick’s Day–that’s when some big Irish guy with a snake phobia, carried this large staff or stick or maybe it was a flute, then drove all the British out of Scottish bars or something.    Not sure.  I’m not exactly up on my Emerald Isle history or lore.   But because it’s the day of green beer and shamrocks, I thought today would be the perfect day to prove that President Obama is Irish..

We did some digging and found proof and photos.

Exactly 109 years ago, his great, great, great, great grandfather boarded a ship and sailed from Ireland to New York City. He disembarked at Ellis Island with countless other immigrants all seeking the legendary American dream. As he was being processed, a desk clerk accidentally omitted the vital, ethnocentric apostrophe in his last name.

Thus, O’Bama became Obama.

Fortunately for Barack, he is of Black Irish descent—a traditional term believed to have originated in the U.S. that commonly ascribes to a dark brown or black hair phenotype appearing in Caucasians of Irish ancestry. This can be distinguished in contrast to the (lighter) brown, blond or red hair color variant, the latter stereotypically perceived to personify the look of typical Irish folk.

So, with extra melanin in his corner, Obama has been able to successfully “play up” this fact throughout his political career and when he won the presidential election in November of ’08, he became the first African American to move into the Oval Office.

Great.  We love it.  Cool.   This is America.  Opportunity for everyone and to the winner the spoils.  

However, we feel he has been disingenuous and thusly, has become an incredibly opportunistic politician since he used his Black Irich ancestry to garner votes and carve a place for himself in history.

And yes, as I mentioned,  we have photographic evidence that he’s Irish.  He certainly loved to dress the part as you can plainly see in this photo which was taken while moonlighting as a cabdriver during the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Chicago, 1994.


Obviously, he has smoker’s fingernails.

And then there’s this photo which not only substantiates our claims that Obama is in fact Irish, but suggest that maybe,  he just might…at the very least, also have an abject appreciation of the a particular “alternative lifestyle”.

This photo was taken last St. Patrick’s Day in front of the new gay, Irish-themed bar in Boston—-The Blarney Frank Club.


Is any of this true? Who’s to say, but we here at Laurie Industries encourage individuality and respect for the authentic self.

So Barack, whether you’re a son of Dublin or Kenya, we beg you, don’t deny who and what you are, whatever that is.

Walk proud, my man.

Walk proud.



  1. It all makes sense now…..

    BTW: Are you a McCain gal? You don’t talk about “your side” very often that I’ve seen.

  2. I’m decidedly NOT a “McCain gal”. While I’m politically and fiscally Conservative, I am more of a liberal socially. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. That mindset is hard to shake. I’ve modified my beliefs and stance on social mores as I’ve gotten older and become more Conservative, but I still believe in many social programs…just corrected and fixed.

    Most are incredibly flawed…like the American welfare system. Katrina exposed that for the cluster fuck it was.

    Of all the candidates vying for American Big Daddy, I actually like Obama the best. Additionally, as a comedy writer, I can riff on his ears alone for years. But other than that, I really just so love making fun of Democrats.

    They make themselves easy targets.


  3. When O’bama’s eyes are smilin’
    Sure and the world is bright and Gay!
    And the lilt of Barank’s laughter,
    T’will steal yer heart away.

    Great post Laurie, I agree with Kristiane, especially the photographs of his Irishness in curls. Curls no less me lass!

  4. I hardly ever leave comments because I can never think of anything witty to say. But I read and I laugh. Thanks for another great one, Laurie!

  5. You see, Barack Obama really isn’t an African American at all.

    He’s Irish.

    Just like the late Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy only less interesting.

  6. LK, if we had you’d remember it!

    I’m twenty years your senior, I seriously doubt you have ever been into dating old pharts!

    I just enjoy your stuff.

  7. ‘he just might be a homosexual’

    Well thank God. What would really liven this race up a bit is a gay candidate. Liberal America may be slapping itself on the back that the two main contenders for the Democratic ticket are a woman and a black man, but the elephant in the room is still the pink one.

  8. well here we go again, folk got jokes and this is really no joking matter. The world is still stuck on racial descrimination and we are in a crises. I personally like O’Bama regardless of his color, he is about bringing change to the nation — one in which is in desparate need! And yes, he does have the experience. Unlike Hillary, she is known because of Former President Clinton, and has some advantage in this popularity contest. However, it’s the best person for the job regardless of race, daaaaa! We the people need to wake up and smell the coffee! Our government does what ever it wants to do and we are just dumb lame ducks, taking what ever is handed out and don’t want to make waves. Well, the time is now to make some serious changes and we must begin now! Hell, look at what the last 8 years has brought us….people be smart — get off of the racial jokes and get it together!


    Lighten up, SBW. This was satire. No racial epitaphs were mentioned; no abject jokes were made about Obama being half white.

    Politics gives birth to satire, or has the past eight years blinded you to that fact?

    O’bama is a a mulatto, but he appears to the eye as a black man. That’s a fact. And ultimately, if America (and that’s an America that consists of every skin color) votes him in office because he’s the best person for the job then so be it.

    But if he screws up, I don’t want to hear that he’s being criticized JUST because he’s a black man.

    I’ve heard nothing but horrific Bush jokes for the past eight years. Jokes about his being mentally retarded, an idiot, that he’s gay, a lush….and a host of other terribly vile references. Is that because as a white man, he’s an easy mark?

    If Obama wins and if Obama ever screws up, as a comedy writer, I will poke fun of him, I will remain a pundit and watch everything he does. If he can win and his skin color is an exception, then he can screw up (and I assure you, he will) and we can censure him without his skin tone mattering one iota.

  9. At yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day luncheon at the Capitol he vowed to “make things right for us Irish-Americans who were brought in shackles in the bilges of American slave ships and stripped of our apostrophes” by renaming the office of the President to the O’vall Office.

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