Adolph’s Dance Party & Karoake Rave


No dance party would be complete without refreshments. Here, our host eats unt tasty slice of post-rave watermelon.


See? History got it wrong! And there are fuhrer and fuhrer pieces of evidence indicating that Adolph Hitler  WAS in fact, a completely delusional narcissistic bully in thrall to a dominant father and with a neurosis about women, who as a feminine boy, was obsequious towards superiors while displaying rabidly homosexual tendencies and his sense of grievance over this fact and other perceived failures prompted his own humiliation which led to his cruelty and policy of mass slaughter.

On the contrary.

In reality, Hitler was merely “acting out”.

His ONLY problem, as evidenced in these videos, was that he was a frustrated singer and choreographer with a lusty penchant for fruit.

That’s all.


  1. I heard he did all kinds of “weird and nasty” things with his girlfriend, Eva Braun. He was and they were sickos..

  2. Hitler? Have you been talking to the English and Irish lately – they seem to be obsessed with Hitler. Every conversation I have those folks always includes sex, booze, fascism and Hitler. Or do you just have Hillary on your mind? 🙂

    I loved the Gloria Gaynor video Laurie – most excellent!

  3. Daph,

    Do I know any Brits? No, can’t say that I do……

    But, I spent a most educational afternoon rediscovering the works of filmmaker and Nazi propagandist, Leni Riefenstahl. She wrote and directed all those epic Nazi films. If you remove her politics, anti-semitic stance and over all loathsomeness from the equation and strictly look at her work just from an aesthetic standpoint, she was an incredibly gifted director.

    I found these videos in my perusing and thought, to myself, “Gee, these warrant a Laurie post”…and the rest, is as they say….history.

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