Even the tiniest terrorist needs to play.

Because playing is so important in the developmental stages of an up and coming shahid. Besides, it’s up to mom and dad to take over the total mental and emotional indoctrination of jihad where the Madrassa stops.

That’s why Afghani toy maker, Militant Bradley has created fun, educational toys, guaranteed to keep little Mohamed or Shakira hating Zionists for eternity.




BUT WAIT!!!!! There’s more.

Make declaring jihad a family affair!!!!

Teens and tweens make great suicide bombers for the cause.

Help brain wash your acne-riddled Shahid-in-training with this fantastic InfiDELL computer.


It comes complete with an anti-semitic hard drive and no absolutely no memory of Lockerbie, the Marine barracks in Beirut or the 1972 Munich Olympics.

And as a bonus—-each keyboard has had the letters “J, E, W and S” removed for your  convenience.

And what about the little ones??

From the Martyr Stewart collection…..



And let’s not leave fluffy, little “Falafel” out of the fun!!


Each costume comes with a map of several Israeli outdoor markets, Tel Aviv bus routes and various U.S. embassies around the world.


CALL 1-800-FATWAH…ask for Operator C-4

Visa, MasterCard and Death To All Things American Express accepted.

Merchandise guaranteed to arrive before Hadj, Ramadan or one of several pesky Jewish High Holy days!!



  1. So funny! I loved Militant Bradley. The Taliban Barbie is my favorite. Wow, she’s pretty! I guess. Does the Taliban Ken come with a wife beating stick?

  2. How dare you insult Islam in this way. May the flees of a thousand camels infest your arm pits…

    Just kidding. Absolutely fantastic.

  3. Karol,

    Ah yes, all those young terrorists from your sordid past. As for the potato resemblence, to whom are you referring?

    Bubba bin Laden or Chemical Ivan??


  4. InfiDELL . . . See why I always revisit your posts? Always a little extra surprise if you take the time to look again.

  5. I was laughing at first, then began to feel terribly sad about the state of affairs that would motivate such humor. What terrible things we/they can do in the name of God/Allah.

  6. That was actually the point, Pete.

    Very often, we can’t grasp the horror around us until it’s sublimely conveyed….in this case, as absurd satire.

    Many a truth is said in jest.


  7. Very funny! I wonder if that Taliban Barbie has a swimming suite on under the outfit she is wearing? And, if we look, would we be shoot and well she have to have her head cut off?

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