1. That was just completely tasteless…

    Of course if I wanted good taste, I probably wouldn’t be here in the first place…

  2. This is beautiful. The keening, lowly lapdog of the ever-secondary Kennedy, still looking for a shot. The Clinton, oblivious as ever to the fact that she’s hideous to just about everyone around her. And the way Obama seems to be really… thinking… it over.
    Just perfect.

  3. You know what I’d love to see? A CD release of the many hits of Teddy Kennedy. From what I hear, he as quite the set of pipes! Maybe the future Mr. First Lady can lend his sax-y skills for a couple of new recordings.

    The name of the CD? “Sounds to Sink To.” (Or maybe “Bubble, Bubble, Bubble…”)

  4. I must confess I didn’t get the joke until I read Murphy’s comment. Thanks, Murph, for your astute political observations.

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