This Should be Interesting


What exactly are these confounding things that have up to now, been so elusive of The Laurie?

Coupling. Emotionally co-joining. Unionizing without the overriding council of the AFL-CIO.

Settling into a relationships is what we’re supposed to do before we go forth and multiply, isn’t that right Jamie Lynn Spears—gacked out Britney’s nubile 16- year old sister who’s now ripe with fetus?

So in order to form a more perfect union in my life someday, I have been asked to appear on a Relationship podcast, Tuesday morning (2/5/08) . It’s with Fausta and Siggy.

Yeah me, “The Goodbye Girl” on a show about relationships????

What can I contribute to this discussion? Comedy? My forays into relationship failures? How to cure heartache with Scotch and duct tape?


The podcast starts at 11 am (EST)/ 10 am (CST) and I’ll be joining in at around 30- minutes after it starts. Go here to be taken to the podcast. If you can’t listen to the podcast, not to worry. It remains up at Blog Talk Radio (as the Mormons believe) for Time and All Eternity.

And if by some chance, you missed Siggy’s extremely well-scribed post about gender differences and the role this plays in the dance of love and intimacy, do yourself a it.

Seriously. Go. Now. Read it.


Because teacher says…..



“Every time Laurie successfully sends someone to read Siggy’s post, an angel gets some chicken wings”.




  1. Ok. This means I have to get my computer up and going by 9 a.m. while I’m in the shower? Or I can just go to work late. I’ll have to work out something. So far I’ve bookmarked this page so I can make sure to go listen…

  2. What, you want me up by 8am to listen to this?

    Fortunately, I have a 6am basketball practice and I’ll be done by 7:45 or so…let’s see if I can get in front of a computer in time…

  3. OK, listened to the blogcast and I don’t think I understood anything y’all were talking about.

    Of course that might be that my understanding of women isn’t much more than “Hey, look at her boobs!”

  4. I listened, too. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe one can love another without being IN love. After many years together, the fireworks have got to quit sometime, don’t they?

  5. Can someone define loving someone and being in love with someone. What is the difference? I love my children and I love my husband how is that love different? I would really like an answer to that.

    I listened today also. I heard Trust and Respect. That is the foundation for a good relationship. When the trust is broken so is the relationship and it takes a long time to build that trust again, sometimes it never comes back.

  6. Love is mostly defined by giving.

    A child is helpless, so we give unreservedly, with no expectation of return. As the child gets older, we may expect him or her to behave appropriately, but in fact, we want our children to be the recipients of our love.

    With a spouse, love is different because we do expect something in return. All too often, we labour as to what it is we expect, but in fact, love between adults is defined by respect and trust.

    Of course, no life is perfect. We can love our children and they might deliberately choose to hurt us. That however is also a part of life, of living and learning. No one gets it right all the time. We all make mistakes, even adults.

    It is in what we learn from our mistakes that defines our character. Children learn more easily- adults, less so.

    As for rebuilding trust, that is a process for sure, with no guarantees. That said, success is often predicated on environment. We can make an environment for rebuilding efforts stormy and windy or we can make them calm and gentle.

  7. I am so sorry Laurie, but I can’t listen to those podcasts anymore – they make me want to slit my throat from sheer boredom. I would rather knead bread or, God forbid, knit.

    I like all of your excellent blogs individually, but you guys are snoozeville when you talk to each other. Maybe you should do tequilla shots before the show – liven things up a bit?!

  8. Daphne: Wow! Brutal honesty. I thought it was great LK–not as exciting as talk radio maybe–but great nonetheless. Tequilla is not a bad idea though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. The scary thing Murphy is that I was totally serious…

    So hey ladies…if you want a guy who is mesmerized by your boobs (but doesn’t have much else going for him), I’m still single!

  10. Thank you SC&A. I realize my enviroment has for the longest time been stormy and windy, I am going to try to create more of a calm and gentle enviroment.

  11. This reminds me of the “Dick Van Dyke” episode where Sally goes on TV and asks eligible bachleors to write in describing themselves and why they would want to take her out on a date. I pray all goes well. I’ll have to check it out if I can ever catch up on my standard blog fare.

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