SCTV: An Homage to Canadian Comedy

While going to college and living the high life….and I do mean high life, in Austin, Texas, I used to watch a lot of TV.

And drank a lot of beer.

And uh…..a few other things.

This was back in the halcyon days of the early 80’s when life was easier and beer was cheaper. It was a thing of beauty.

One of the highlights of my Friday nights was getting a bunch of other broke ass friends together at someone’s apartment. We’d pool our money together to purchase mass consumables. And the highlight of the night..just as the evening (and other things) were starting to kick it, “SCTV” would come on. It was hilarious Canadian sketch comedy, along the lines of Saturday Night Live.

I hoist a Molsen’s up in tribute to you, oh talented cast of SCTV: Joe Flaherty, Andrea Martin, Catherine O’Hara, the late, great John Candy, Martin Short, Rick Moranis, the brilliant Eugene Levy and Dave Thomas and all the wonderfully insane inhabitants of Melonville, Some Province, Canada.

Here are a few of my favorite episodes. They’re dated…now 25 years old (hard to believe) but still pretty funny.

I dedicate this post to my blogging buds, Kris, Romi and Furry Chocolates….all three of these guys are CBC approved 100% Canadian content.


  1. You forgot CCCP1 when the Russians take over SCTV. Ah…What fits into Russia, Hey Giorgy!

  2. Uh Oh….

    Homages may mean that you’re running out of the quick-witted things you usually put out there.

    Hu hu – i said put out.

    I drank piels in college. 2.69/6pack

  3. Ha ha … I love the one with the Jew and the Scotsman! I have seen SCTV some in reruns … if you ask me, the old stuff is the better stuff. John Candy cracks me up.

    Your neighbors to the north appreciate the dedication, eh!

    A salute to you: a shot of maple syrup and a tip of the tuque!

  4. I second that. And have some canadian bacon too.
    SCTV was great, but I was always more of a Kids in the Hall fan myself. That show was way ahead of its time, and was taken off the air far too quickly.

  5. Oooh … Kids in the Hall. Kris, you really need to do a post about them. I’m not sure I could do it justice!

    The first Kids in the Hall skit I remember was a corporate flunky sitting behind his desk, working late. He was all stressed out and started having a heart attack. He reached into his chest, pulled out his beating heart, and … I don’t remember how it ends but I’m sure there was a man dressed in drag in there somewhere!

    Ahh … those warm, fuzzy “first” moments.

  6. I grew up waaayyyy upstate New York, about 20 miles south of Canada, about 400 mile north of NYC. Most people don’t realize how big NY state is. Until my dad got one of those old 12 foot satellite dishes, we only got 5-6 channels on a regular basis and 3 were Canadien. Say a lot of SCTV and Kids in the Hall back then.

  7. I heard an interview with Eugene Levy recently. He told a story about doing “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in Chicago back in 1970.

    He played the role of Joseph, and at one point had to go on-stage with his shirt off; his hairiness scared the children, and one reviewer commented that “he looks too Jewish to play Joseph.”


  8. Oh maan. I love these guys- a brand of humor that’s hard to find nowadays. Thanks for putting all these clips in one place.

  9. The ones with Bert and Ernie were some of the funniest ones I’d ever seen. Great comedy. Come back please??????

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