One Of The BEST Cartoons–Ever!!!!

Native Texan and LK idol, Tex Avery, came from that group of true artists, the classic animators of the thirties and forties. You know how they name American submarines by class? Like a Virginia class sub, Los Angeles Class….Ohio Class, etc.

Well, here in Laurieland of you’re one of those gifted artists from back in the day, you’re “Tex Avery Class”.

Bob Clampett (Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent), Friz Freling , and of course, the brilliant Chuck Jones were all “Tex Avery Class”…all from that gifted MGM and Warner Brothers stable of animators.

Hannah-Barbera, too.

Chuck Jones was devastatingly talented, but I love Tex Avery’s style and sense of humor.

I saw this cartoon, “Bad Luck Blackie” first about 15 years ago and found it to be laugh out loud comical. I still do.

It’s from a time and a place where hand-drawn pain, violence and 1940’s ethnocentric political incorrectness was just so damn funny!

Sorry if this offends, but it’s still funny.

Get over it.

Oh yeah…watch how the dog runs at the very end of this cartoon. Notice the position of his two hind feet and back in a couple of frames. Additionally, notice the subtle nuances in facial expression, paw positions….every thing.

Sheer genius.


  1. I love this style of cartoon!

    My kids, if I’m lucky enough to have them, will know bugs bunny and like cartoons. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to find the uncut versions.

  2. I LOVE THAT CARTOON! God how I miss these old classics in animal violence. I am proud that I’ve turned my son onto Looney Tunes. He watches it every night before going to bed. I need to find some dvds though with the older ones on them. Thanks for the laugh when I’m here, feeling like a zombie and trying to muster up the strength to go to work.

  3. that’s why we are friends. We think a like. I was just thinking about writing a tribute to Tex Avery!

  4. Wow, how did you ever find this one? I have not seen that one in over 40 some odd years. Those were great cartoons. I sure miss them, especially “Tom & Jerry”. That was great LK, Thanks!!!

  5. I loved his stuff! I get the kids to watch whenever I come across it on the tube. Don’t seem to see it much anymore though, maybe it’s the PC Police.

    But anyway, my favorites were:

    Chilly Willy



  6. Chuck Jones and Tex Avery were THE REASONS i studied animation in college.
    A goddamn shame cel animation has gone the way of the Buffalo.
    Now I get to watch poorly-designed 3D corpses that USED TO BE GOOFY AND DONALD spoon-feed me “life lessons”.

    and yes. I’m Bitter.

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