1969-1972 In Words & Music (Updated)

WARNING TO MY YOUNGER READERS (and from what I can tell, that’s most of you because well, I am Methuselah’s daughter), this post is NOT for the terminally hip.

If you’re a self-professed music purist and just too damn cool, move along. This post will bore you to the point where you’ll think Dane Cook has talent.

I usually hate for anything on my blog to appear even remotely exclusionary, unless of course you’re a Democrat, but this post has been written specifically for my middle sister, Karol and my oldest friend, Cheryl; two people who share my love, appreciation and respect for the culture and more specifically, the schlock music of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Yeah, I could’ve included stuff from the Stones and Cream and the Beatles and Zeppelin but that’ s not the music I’m talking about here.

I’m talking about what made MY memories.

So, with that bit of pedantia out of the way, this post is for you, friend o’ friend and dear middle sis, but it’s dedicated to MM and Bubba and The Rialto and 10-speeds and Eunice and KCJH and AM radio and one-hit wonders and Karnes City and Kenedy and South Central Texas and innocence and pure love and……life before it got so fucking complicated.


Albert Flasher by The Guess Who

Please meet our first set of of mop top urchins from London. This is Thunderclap Newman and “Something In The Air”.

This video of Queen Helen Mirren photographed in various “raiments” was not my first choice for Rod Stewart’s “You Wear It Well”. It merely included the best musical quality of the song.

Talented broad and everything, but I ask you to IGNORE THE WOMAN BEHIND THE, er WEARING THE CURTAINS!!!!

And now prepare to get cavities….seventies style!!

I have to laugh when I think that I actually bought these 45’s for 55-cents (money pilfered from Mother Nonie’s purse) at Western Auto and then ran home to play them—repeatedly—on a mono-turn table.

This shit makes my pancreas ache with diabetic overload, but I couldn’t have been 12, in seventh grade or and it wouldn’t have been 1971 without AM radio generated, saccharin laced bubble gum pop.

And this one has lyrics even!! Come on everybody….sing.

This is a vocal equivalent of an ALL SKATE!!

Oh and one more thing kids: this song– my seventh grade anthem– is “Precious and Few” by Climax…NOT The Climax Blues Band.

Sing Cheryl…sing!!! Sing as if Simon Legree was gonna beat yo ass bloody, girl!!!

Hurricane Smith’s “Oh Babe, What Would You Say”.

And Youngins, if you’re even still with me at this point, I’d like to introduce you to Black Michael Jackson. Here he is young and fresh….the very kind of child he’d love to abuse!!

“Got To Be There” was recorded in the late spring of 1971; back when Michael could still breath through his nose and still capable of hittin’ them high notes….years before Daddy Joe (Bring me my ass whoopin’ belt, Germaine!!!) Jackson allowed his boyish man figs to descend AND before the ravages of so-called “vitiligo” and scary, scary applications of “I Hate Daddy” skin bleach.

Also, this video includes a bullshit bonus track of some deep album cut that never went anywhere. Ignore it.

“We wrote on the corner of the table….this is the only one that will last”.

Well, THAT was a lie. But I suppose Beverly Bremers had ONLY the best intentions. Hear her now as she warbles the torchy classic from ’71, “Don’t Say You Don’t Remember”.

Remember the dulcet tones of David Gates when he fronted “Bread”? I do.

Good times. Karol and I went to Europe during the summer of “72 and must’ve heard this particular song about 340,000 times between Munich, JFK and the San Antonio International Airport.

Thanks for the WONDERFUL audio variety, Branniff!! And you’re out of business today, why?????

Here’s “Everything I Own”.

I have this “thing” for British things. Isn’t that interesting???? I find the British people fascinating. Guess I’m an Anglophile. So, in keeping up with the (Tom) Jones’s, here’s little known, English Congregation with the even more obscure, “Whispering I Love You”.

Oh Can-uh-Duh. This one’s for you Kris and Furry Chocolates.

“Sweet City Woman” by The Stampeders, which I can only assume by the moniker, they were a band from Calgary, n’est pas??

I like this song, but the pace of this video sounds a lot slower than what I remember on AM radio.

Even at 331/3, it’s still awfully groovy, huh Marcia Brady???

And last but not least, this sickeningly sweet Walker Brothers ditty is from 1967.

They’re decidedly American, but high-tailed it over to Inglaterra to make a name for themselves. I suppose they did. They had this hit and a few others.

“The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” has always been a favorite sing of mine—dating way back to when I was a mere female sapling with concave tits.

The lyrics aren’t synced up with the Brother’s lips, but dig how one of them, the dark, moody, brooding “brother” was sure trying to Jim Morrison it up.

Viva Britannia!


  1. thanks for sending me down memory lane, La La. some of the songs really hit hard. you sent me back to eunice, driving around and singing at the top of our voices. i wonder how many of your readers really do remember those real oldies but oh so goodies.

    what about “Popcorn” by Hot Butter??

  2. Laurie, as old as I am, I some of these songs had a great meaning to me, too. Chicago is STILL great-I’ve seen them several times and the ole guys still have it. One that was not included and may be too old for you is Cherish by the Association-every couples “love song”. Thanks for the memories…….

  3. What about “Turn around, look at Me” and “Special Angel”. Now those two songs Laurie probably doesn’t remember.

  4. L,
    Howdy! I can help you get your daily fix of pure, hi- quality uncut saccharine(?). A local high-school has a radio
    station that plays nothing but your memories, 24/7. Look
    up KEOM 88.5 “Mesquite School Radio”. I don’t think you
    be disappointed. Love tha blog!

  5. Dear Greg Lay Friend O’Rick,

    Dammit to hell! The school doesn’t have the resources to offer a live streaming, because of ASCAP and licensing fees.

    Sports they can stream (this is Texas after all) but their regular programming day? Nope.

    Too bad too. I read their play list. I would’ve dug some parts of of their programming.

    Thanks for the head’s up just the same and welcome to this blog, Greg. Any friend of the Weed Man’s is a friend of mine.


  6. Silly Laurie….Micheal Jackson has never been black. That’s just an urban legend.

    And great choice with The Guess Who. They hail from my city. Hooray for hometown boys!

  7. Kris Sweetie..Honey..Baby,

    By now you KNOW that almost any post I write will have to include at least two human or inanimate by products of The Commonwealth.

    I love Guess Who and Albert Flasher is one of my all time favorites.


  8. Thank you for implying Dane Cook is a talentless hack.

    It seems to me that stand-up comedy, too, was better in the early 70s (Flip Wilson, George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor).

    I can’t imagine anyone listening to Dane Cook even a decade from now.

    But I, too, am old, and hopelessly out of touch.

  9. Rick, what do you mean old? Why, I am in my prime, entering the mid 50s. I probably feel the best I’ve felt since in my 20s. Remember age is just a number. Those songs Laurie managed to pull from nostalgia and what comes on my 70s satellite radio just keeps me ageless!

  10. Laurie, who the hell let you use my MP3 player?

    BTW, you should be hanging out with Michele over here:


    I actually have to go to work, or I would spend my day “tubing” with you and Michele, but let me add these if I may:

    Methinks you and I are cosmically connected through music. Let’s carry on this conversation this weekend…

  11. I feel honored. Remember how we used to sing and cry and sing and cry, and wish we were holding someone close, while singing to the top of our lungs Precious and Few. My dogs were howling as I sang Got to be There!! When I hear Chicago is reminds me of King Ave., my dad’s “remote truck” for the radio station (remember that?), and Scott Herring. Don’t ask!! If you would of put Forever Young on there by Joni Mitchell? I think??? it would have done me in Kendrick. Thanks for taking me down memory lane!!

  12. awesome LK. My parents banned the radio from me and my sisters when we were younger except for THEIR station. So many of these are familiar…the earlier ones (you are far younger than my parents) DId I save myself there?
    I use to be a boss of kids ten years or more younger than myself and referenced Pearl Jam at one point. They all looked at me like who?!? So apparently I am dated already :S

  13. Dammit Laurie! I was planning the 70’s Sunday morning syrup post and you’ve used up some of my vids! Now I must find a new topic. I still have a few up my sleeve.

  14. Thanks LK, that really brought back alot of memories, some I want to live for ever and others they can retire. Thank you.

  15. Laurie,

    I am seriously disappointed. Where is Bootsie & Funkadelic?

    “One nation under the groove,……….
    getttin’down justforthe fuuunk of it”

    Please, that was my 13 year old learn to dance world. Of course my best friend’s dad had an afro and a big ass joint hanging out of his mouth while he taught us 6 kids to move properly.

    Life was good back then.

  16. Bootsie Collins? Yeah, I used to love his fashion sense.

    Daphne, I was a young white child for crying out loud…I was raised with other white people and influenced by white people things like Tang and Wonder Bread and Dick and his Clark.

    I thought I was doing good by owning a Stylistics 8-track.


  17. I can dance. I had one of those mom’s that insisted that I take ballet and tap and all that crap, but can I join the cast of “Fame” and break into an impromptu dance scene on West 53rd street atop a few taxis and a falafel stand?


  18. LK – speaking of music, did you ever go to dances around KC where the Kustoms played in the late 60’s – early 70’s?

  19. BB,

    I’m 48…graduated in 1977. Do we know each other? Did you know my two older sisters, Kathy or Karol?

    To answer your question–yes. I went to dances in Panna Maria, Koscziusko, Poth, Czestahowa-forgive me for misspelling. I haven;t been back in years.

    There were even a few dances in KC at the Midway Ballroom on Hwy 181. This was around 1974

    And yes, I danced and drank to all the area bands…the Kustoms, the Abbey, WheatStraw and Crossover.

    Hadn’t thought about any of that in years.


  20. LK: I know Karol and all of the class of 1973. You are a youngster and I don’t think I ever met you. I left KC in 1971 when the family moved to Houston in my sophmore year. I hated to move. Talk about culture shock — Spring Branch High School had more students than the entire town of KC. I’ve been gone a long time and don’t get back there much either, but when someone asks where I’m from, I always start out saying “there’s this little south Texas town called Karnes City …” Thanks for your blog and keeping my KC memories alive. BB

  21. Yeah, I can imagine going from KC to Houston was a culture shock.

    I used to take it as such a compliment when people found it almost impossible to believe I was from such a small town. Now, I embrace my upbringing more than ever.

    Life there wasn’t always a cake walk. My parents had a nasty divorce and I don’t need to tell you what trying to survive that was like in small town Texas, so that made high school a very negative time for me, but I ‘ve come to realize that everything I am (good,bad or indifferent) has a lot to do with all my life experiences..growing up Karnes City not withstanding.

    I’m in Westchase..where are you?


  22. And just curious…how did you find my blog initially?

    I love having you here. It’s good to commune with people with like memories.

    I appreciate your commenting. Thank you

  23. LK: I searched KC on Google, I think and stumbled on your blog. The first thing I saw was the post with the picture of a Badger. My experience is similar — in a way — my Houston friends always sort of made fun of me from being from a small town, and often I didn’t advertise it. But now I figure that’s what made me what I am — for good or bad. I live in the Memorial area now. Keep up the good work. I know it must be tough work thinking of something to say to keep your fans happy. bb

  24. laurie and bb-

    yep, the fact that i grew up in danbury was at one time a social burden. i embrace it now. i also remember high school as being something like parenthood…the best of times and the worst of times.

    andy in alvin

  25. I had forgotten about the Midway Ballroom! I think that was the first dance my parents let me go to and I went with Kathaleen from Kenedy?

  26. BB,

    Coming up with new stuff isn’t tough at all. It’s keeping me AWAY from this damn thing that’s so tough. I never knew how addicting keeping a blog can be. But it is…it truly is.

    I am efforting in my private life to find a suitable living, breathing focal replacement for my blog. Currently, this reason is 11 hundred miles NE of me, but I’m hoping that the distance will be bridged very soon. It “needs” to be bridged very soon.

    But I promise you this: I’ll never stop writing. No one and nothing can come between me and my writing. It’s part of my make-up–who I am, Being able to expound upon things in a funny way (or as I perceive it to be funny) is just cake.

    That anyone else finds me funny is icing.

    Have a great weekend and don’t be a stranger,

  27. i know what you mean. it’s addictive just reading a blog and keeping up. i have resisted doing one myself. and that writing thing, i’ve been writing and editing for a living for years. can’t imagine doing anything else at this point in my game.

  28. this just makes it all real-we are all basically the same, especially if your backgrounds are similiar. I suppose that it does make a difference if you were raised in a large or small city, (or Karnes City!) I haven’t lived there in almost 37 years and have met many people from all over the US and after getting to know them have seen how much alike our upbrings were. Music played the most important part. I wonder if its the same for kids now days????

  29. EUREKA BB!!! i think I now know who you are. If I’m correct, you sat by me or in my same cornet/trumpet section in Jr High band under Mr. Karnau and Mr Morocco.

    We last saw each other at the class of 1973’s 30th reunion, five years ago.

    Am I close?

    If this is you, BB, how are you?


  30. I am concerned, very concerned, and also very upset. Since you were obviously looking through my windows at my music collection, why didn’t you just ring the doorbell and come on inside? We could have listened together where it was warm and cozy and where there was diet Coke and chocolate chip cookies and pizza.

    Next time, just come on in.

  31. No Jimmy Cliff?

    BTW, love the blog, don’t remember who it was, but another blog was singing your praises so I checked it out.

  32. I’ll give you the Jackson 5 (though I would have chosen “Ben”), but apart from that, come on. Were you raised by musical wolves? “Hello Darlin'” by Conway Twitty. “Thank God & Greyhound” by Roy Clark. “Okie from Muskogee” by Merle Haggard. Any of this sound familiar?

  33. LK-
    Weed Man!>?! LOL! Friend of Dorothy, Friend of Rick- it’s all the same…..
    Football over that dang’ book learnin’ every time! Curses!
    I could…(gulp)….tape it for you……I don’t know if the old rig could handle the strain, but I could try.

  34. Friend of Dorothy?????

    This old Hag finds that statement very interesting.

    No, you don’t have to any part of the radio station for me as you so kindly offered, (gulp) but I appreciate the fact that you were comfortable enough with me to lie to me like you like you were actually willing to do it.

    Thanks assloads, Man.



  35. Pingback: 70\'s music
  36. Grew up? in Bandera..graduated 1958.

    Cabaret, Arkie Blues’, St.Hedwig, LaVernia, Starkey Park., dances at Garner Park..

    “You Cheated, You Lied” by the Slades,

    “Talk to Me” by S.A. group”……….?

    “Gatemouth Brown ” and “Miss Wiggles” at Eastwood CC in SA?

  37. Do you have any of the Kustom’s music from back in the late 60’s/early 70’s. I am from Nixon, Texas and we went to all the Kustoms dances. Panna Maria, Poth, Greneau, Lindeneu. Even went on Wed. nights to Sun Valley over Victoria. Also would go to Randy’s Rodeo and Golden Stallion in San Antonio for their dances. Please advise

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