As The Artists Render

As a rule, I don’t think comic strips ( or God forbid, “funnies” as one very far removed ex used to call them) are funny.

I ask you, has Family Circle ever generated a belly laugh? Have you ever almost soiled your drawers while reading the HILARIOUS antics of Nancy and that Sluggo person, her miscreant friend?

I haven’t picked up a newspaper much less read the comics in years.

Even as a kid, I never liked them. The Wizard of Id had it’s moments, as did Charlie Brown—when I was ten!!!

I used to be a fan of cartoonist, Berke Breathed, with whom I went to college at the University of Texas. I always felt Berke was talented but I often described him as “Gary Trudeau Lite”. Their styles were similar.

I hate to admit it, but some of the funniest comics I’ve ever seen have been sent via e-mail. They’re obviously not for general publication. The artists have keenly made vulgarity funny and in full, vibrant color, no less.

I’ve been collecting various adult oriented comics over the past several months and vowed that I’d post them here on my blog should I ever find I’m having one of those days in which I’m just not feeling very….very…. you know—fresh.

Well, today is that day.








  1. Hahahahahahahhaha. Laurie, I was having the worst day and then I come here and ta da! I’m feeling much better. xoxo

  2. I bet a lot of the guys were thinking-sure hope that darn cat was declawed…….or maybe not!

  3. one better than the other! I love “Far Side”, although it’s more bizarre than funny. u actually tagged it “mushroom penis” 😀 that’s funny!

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