I’m Being Interviewed, Yo!

Now that you know what I look like…...



    Now, you can hear the voice that goes with fab face and bitchin’ bod.

    I’ll be interviewed on Fausta’s podcast Friday morning, January 18th at 10 am (CST), 11 am (EST) .

    She, Siggy from Sigmund, Carl and Alfred …..with whom I am in fierce competition to grow the biggest moustache….and I will be talking on and on and on for thirty stimulating and entertaining minutes about comedy, humor blogging, politics and whatever floats our arch-conservative dinghy

    And please feel free to call in if you’d like. That number is 646-652-2639

    To listen live, just go to Fausta’s blog or click here to be taken directly to Blog Talk Radio.If you can’t listen live, the interview will remain posted for time and all eternity or until there’s a woman in the White House.

    Sorry Hillary.

    Dziękuję ya’ll!!


      1. i thought my sister quit posing after she lost all that weight and had her electrolysis work done…

      2. You may come to regret that you posted about this, Laurie. I just might call in and steal the show if I am awake and not too sober. 😛

      3. Hot wax or girdle first? Sooo much to do, so little time.

        I’m betting a a couple of sucrets accompanying the ball squeeze will be required to get anything near a falsetto on air.

      4. If u hear a call that’s just heavy breathing it’s me 🙂
        I’m not much of a phone person. I’m more comfortable whispering to strangers in the sleep…..(play creepy music).
        All the best for the interview!!

      5. Girls-remind me before I come down there tomorrow to be sure and bring my scissors, duct tape and some concealer…Your hair sho’ did grown since Christmas!!!!!!

      6. Oh Bill…thank GOD you finally e-mailed me again.

        Your splooging with Monica and Paula Jones and a few other kennel refugees, made me realize that you go for nasty, bottom feeders and well, I am a big fat old lobster in that regard so, come on…take a chance on me, Billy!!! I’m ugly enough and rotund enough..

        Besides, I have brand new blue dress and my tailor ironed on a little target/cross hairs patch. You know—for your aim.

        I really want to play “catch” with you. Oh God, sex with you Bill==the hottest, sexiest, most honest man that ever sullied the Office of President?????? Would that be a “semenal” moment or what???

        Have a tryst with me, Former President Bill. Your secret will always be safe with me.

        What happens in Laurie, STAYS in Laurie.


      7. What happens in Laurie, STAYS in Laurie.

        Nice spike, Laurie…(if you get the Volleyball terminology, let’s do that more often)

        Now what is the best way to clean coffee up from keyboards?

      8. Drats. I missed it. I was busy calling around to find a support group for crazy people like me. I did. I went. I discovered that crazy people like me are crazy and I don’t want to spend Friday nights being reminded of my craziness.

        Hope it went well.

        P.S. Is that a bucket of chicken wings next to your coffee?

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