I’d Like To Know


I’d like to use this post to really get in to your head.

Pretend for a minute that I’m omnipotent…more so than usual, I mean. Pretend it’s to the degree that I have the absolute power to give you whatever you want. Anything….anyone you desire.

It can be whatever. There are no right or wrong answers here. All I ask is for your honesty.

Do you want money? Piles of it that go beyond the dreams of Avarice?

The ultimate woman?

What about bedding and/or marrying the hunk du jour? George Clooney? Jamie Deen?

Sorry, I know……I’m projecting with that one.

Wanna play for the Knicks?

Use a nine iron like Tiger?

Be a great actress?

Sing like Harry Connick?

Be the architect of the ultimate peace agreement between Israel and every other country in the Middle East?

Do you want to give to others in need? Wanna make Oprah and Warren Buffet look like philanthropic hacks?

Do you want material things? Spiritual things? Animal, mineral…vegetable?

Do you want to be thinner, heavier, taller, smaller, whiter, darker, more female, less male? Is it something that’s strange, odd, an anachronism, perhaps? Something out of a scene from The Jetsons?

Or from the The Flintstones, perhaps?

Would you if you could, bring back a loved one?

Would you like to get married? Get divorced, maybe?

Fall in love, fall out of love?

And with anyone special?

Be silly; be serious. Be august; be poignant.

You won’t be judged, I promise.

I’ve got some personal matters to deal with this week, so this post will be up for a few days. Take this time and think about it. Write down one thing, write down 17 different things—I don’t care, just tell me what you really, really, want in life.

As always, be careful what you wish for…

I’m feeling a kinda powerful lately.


  1. I wonder if it’s too much to ask that I regularly make enough money so that I don’t have to do the “please let there be money in the bank” chant every time I buy groceries.

    and that my brother in law learns that every time he decides he’s being clever and makes a snide, hurtful remark- he burns a bridge.

    and a pony.
    yeah, I think that’ll do.

  2. my wish list:
    1. to have financial security where i too won’t have to say the same prayer as above.
    2. to have my house sold by the summer.
    3. to not have to work in my husband’s office

    i, too would like to bring back a loved one-my eldest daughter. but then i remember where she is and what’s she seen and then i feel bad for wanting her back in a world of such shit

  3. I want:

    1. My Kids to always be happy and marry the spouse of their dreams.

    2. My wife to never get any kind of disease/illness and simply die in her sleep when it is time for her to go.

    3. My own wine cellar filled to capacity.

    4. To finish the book I started last year, publish it, go on book tour and move on to the next project.

    5. LK to win Funniest Blog in 2008.

  4. I think I would like to have the knowledge…not necessarily clinical, PH.D.-grade information, but about the stuff that really matters in life.

    Like how to buy more house than we hoped for without getting in over our heads.

    Like knowing how to take care of ourselves in such a way that we won’t ever become ill or injured.

    Like which decision was the right one in the big picture versus the one that was the important one at the time.

    Like knowing which friends and acquaintances were the ones that I needed to hold onto versus the ones that will cause me more harm and aggravation in the long run.

    Like knowing if it were better to read blogs at work or to actually do the work I’m being paid to do.

    These are tough choices.

  5. I would like
    -to finish school by the time I am 30.
    -for my son to get into that school he tested for this week.
    -matching mittens and scarf
    -guaranteed vacations twice a year
    -to drink the wine in Murphy’s cellar
    -my boss to stop cursing at me (and at everybody else)

    I think that’s it.

  6. 1. To find a good, honest man who means what he says and knows what he wants

    2. To find a decent job after graduation

  7. Do we really know what we want, yes we can think of all kinds of things to write down but in the end how realistic are they?

    No matter how much or little money we have we always want more: happiness, health, lots of love, kindness, to see our kids and grandkids and even great grand kids live life to the fullest.

    If married, sometimes we wish we weren’t, and if not married we wish we could find the man of our dreams or woman.

    I’d like to see the war end, allow the world to find peace, look like a beauty queen, lose weight and in the end, find that my ass is always ROCK HARD. That would be nice!!!

    I really don’t know what I would wish for. Is there help for that?

  8. I want 50 acres with a large c. 1900’s farmhouse (high ceilings, wood floors, plaster walls – okay “gentleman farmer’s farmhouse), a fabulous barn with 10 Thoroughbred race horses grazing in the fields.

    And I want a housekeeper who does laundry.

  9. 1. Find myself and this time, keep her!
    2. Experience true, deep, soul-satisfying love
    3. Publish a novel and win acclaim and be interviewed on Laurie Kendrick’s blog
    4. Watch my son grow up to be a kick-ass human being
    5. See Pink Floyd perform “Wish You Were Here”

    6. Oh and world peace and destruction of all illnesses would be nice too 😉

  10. very nice of you, daphne. it’s been 9 years since she’s been gone and there isn’t an hour that goes by i don’t think of her. we are doing fine but it will be never be great again.

    and to you, allen, i am truly sorry for your loss. my wish for you is to find hope and peace. i have but there will always be an awful void in our lives that makes it hard to do sometimes.

  11. I wish that Karol, Laurie and I can become the total women that I know we can be before we leave this world.

    I wish that I can someday soon be very happy with the woman I am. I know I’m a work in progress.

    I hope my children and grandchildren really know how very much they all mean to me.

    It’s my wish that we all learn to forgive ourselves and go forward….we spend too much time living in the past.

    For Laurie, I hope she’s found her one true soul mate and that she’ll be happy and secure forever.

    I wish for Karol’s heart to mend and with each year be kinder to her as she continues to mother her children and future grandchildren.

    I wish I had a lot of money………..whole helluva lot of money.

  12. Gosh, now I feel all shallow. I want a big Black Pearl tattoo on my right calf to go with the Jack Sparrow on my right thigh. I want my daughter to pull her head out. I want my puppy to stop peeing at the corner of my bed in the middle of the night. I want the writer’s strike to end so reality TV will go away or at least, subside. I want my co-worker to retire. I want new carpet. I want Stephen King to write more. I want earbuds for my iPod that don’t hurt my ears. I want the headaches to stop.

  13. To be omnipotent and omniscient.

    ….what? did i cheat? i didn’t say omnipresent! you guys are just mad because you guys didn’t think of it first

  14. To Party like a Rock Star (more often)
    To TRUST myself & the Universe (more often)
    To KNOW that everything always works out for me (it always has – see TRUST above)
    To not give a rat’s ass what anyone else thinks – about ANYTHING
    To TREAT myself as well as I treat others – and give myself a break just like I do for everyone else
    To become a Billionaire
    To APPRECIATE and Count My Blessings (more of the time)

  15. Live forever in the body I had when I was 23. All the other good stuff, money, sex, etc., would fall into place with that one little gift, and if they didn’t, it wouldn’t matter so much because I could always try again the next day.

  16. I get the prize for the most flippant and trite response…

    For the Chargers and Padres to win championships and the UCLA Bruins to win a Rose Bowl…all within my lifetime.

    Alas, not even the great and powerful Laurie Kendrick can make that dream come true.

  17. I would like to know who the fuck keeps stealing the last english muffin out of my fridge. Although I have been known to make eggs benedict at odd hours of the night, I don’t think I’ve done it in my sleep.

    That’s it. I’m easy to please.

    Great site by the way!

  18. – Confidence
    – Bliss with someone who is perfect for me and happens to think I’m perfect for her
    – Endless sunsets from the porch of a lakeshore cabin
    – A published novel and book tour

  19. Easy enough. Good mental health. Of course, if I had good mental health I never would have started a blog. Still, I’d make the trade. Oh great omnipotent one, grant me good mental health.

  20. I want a bad ass Nautilus Body and porn star endowment

    And personal wealth somewhere between Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

    But seriously folks.

    I want to see my children complete college and become self supporting well adjusted adults doing something they love.

    I want to find my soul mate and live lustfully happily ever after.

    Lastly, I want to drink a few beers and discuss this crazy life with the Madam LK behind this wonderful blog.


  21. I want my Mom to get sober, stay sober, and learn to be happy. My sister too, for that matter.
    I want the self discipline to lose 25 lbs, get my retirement organized, and pay off my student loans.
    I want my ex to live up to his obligations.
    I want to have my business be personally successful and satisfying.
    I want a 35cm Hermes Birkin, Raisin Togo.

    Laurie, thanks for a great site. I am always tickled when I read it.

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