Photo Fun With Hill & Bill

There is only one distinct advantage to being a politically conservative insomniac with moderate social mores—and that is having all the time in the world, in the quiet of early, early morning—to find some of the most hilarious Photoshopped photos of Hillary Clinton and a few of her “running mate” (because I assure you, husband Bill runs from Hillary CONSTANTLY!!!!!) .

I laughed until I cried when I saw a few of these; I think I’ve included the best.

Some make no sense, they’re just random. Some are take-offs on movies and TV characters and of course, others represent historical figures.

All are brilliant.








And finally….



You know, I’ve never much cared for Hillary. I’ve made that abundantly clear many times, right here on my blog. It’s never been anything more than poking innocent fun at her life and her politics and her overtly beefy cankles and her nebulous marriage and her questionable ethics and her values and her sexual orientation and her mothering skills and of course, her penis.

But that’s all.

Gee, I just realized that if Hillary actually wins the whole presidential shebang this coming November, I am SO getting audited.

See here and here and here.

And here, too!


  1. All’s fair in love and war…why is it that the Republicans (and even Dems and Libs who might’ve liked Bush during his tenure) had to endure all the jokes about his use of the English language and inability to speak in public. Sure it’s true. He wasn’t and will never be an eloquent speaker.

    I know, I know-look at all that was said and published during the Clinton term. But did he NOT lie under oath and have severalk extra martial affairs??

    So Laurie, if Dems or the like, don’t want you poking fun at the “man” wanna- be ( Hillary) then they don’t need to come to your blog.

    Actually, LK you should do a take on all the prez hopefulls-I kinda think the whole bunch is political satire waiting to happen.

  2. the reason I wrote this is because she has been blasted on her Hillary bashing and I just felt like saying that. Everyone has an opinion and like certain unmentionable body parts, they usually all stink. Oh, and something else—we all have the right to be wrong!

  3. The picture of Bill inside Hillary’s mouth is just plain scary. I seem to remember that a “friend” of Bill’s was caught with an “innapropriate” part of him in HER mouth!

  4. Yep, you’re right my Scottish friend.

    I remember how Monica became a household name…when “a Lewinsky” became both a verb AND a noun.

    I haven’t been able to look at a cigar, a blue dress, or her mouth since then.

    I hope Bush gave the Oval Office a “good scrubbin’ before taking office in 2000.

  5. I bet her ma and pa are proud of her.

    That whole scenario just proves that you can take the trash out of the trailer park (and put them in the White House) but they will still be trailer park trash.

  6. Let’s look at our past presidents-at least back to Nixon.
    1. Nixon didn’t want to be called a “crook”
    2. Ford was banned from golf courses across the country.
    3. Reagan had to put a hold on his wife’s spending on china and was it toilets ($1000)then or was that another one in office who had this problem?
    4. Old man Bush didn’t finish the job in Irag
    5. Clinton gave “white house intern” a new description
    6. and Bush- well …….
    The way I see it, these men ,I believe, thought that they were doing the right thing at the time-with the exceiption of Bill (he hid in his office or Lord knows where else in the White House!) Will we ever get someone in there that truly has integrety and can please everyone????????

  7. you can’t compare b clinton to what a few of the past presidents did. he did what other men do when things aren’t going well at home. sure, he denied having “sexual relations with that woman” and sure, he denied “inhaling” but that doesn’t come close to lying about watergate or not telling the whole truth about the iraqi war. my opinion only.

    have a great week.

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