Time Marches On….Our Faces

I recently saw an old, old TV colleague of mine from my days in San Antonio.


We hugged. We laughed. We reminisced about what life was like “back then” and how it had the audacity to change on us as it had.

He’d gotten married and divorced. Twice.

I hadn’t.

He went on to anchor the the 11 o’clock news in a major market in the northeast.

I hadn’t.

He got got out of the industry and invested in an IT firm in the 90’s that actually made money. A lot of it.

I hadn’t.

He had aged 40 years.

Mercifully, I hadn’t.


SCORE: Paul 3 LK 1


But as I sat there looking at this man who had at one time, Hollywood good looks, I thought about how we both looked 20 years ago.


It’s a wonderful thing, in that it helps heal us, phsycially and emotionally. Yet, it can be cruel, too. It weathers us physically and emotionally.

How we age, I am told, depends on many factors. Did we smoke? Did we expose ourselves to the brutality of the sun, unprotected? Did we moisturize, moisturize, moisturize???? Do we have a good plastic surgeon?

But the biggest question: Did we choose our parents wisely?

If Mother aged well, you will, too.

My mother got her first crows feet (eye wrinkles) in her mid 60’s. In that regard, I am lucky.

We all age. Getting older is an inevitability and we need to cut ourselves some slack. A 50 year old man will not look as he did at 25. Why should we expect otherwise?

I embrace my age. And probably would, even if I looked like a completely wrinkled old crone. You see, I’ve earned my right to be here. I have lived.

I have survived.

And so have you.

True, sometimes time is kind; sometimes it isn’t. Either way, we need to be more forgiving. Aging is the process by which we live….and learn.

To witness how time progresses us physically, please watch this slide show to compare and contrast.


  1. Wow. Genetics does play a role, but the obvious California sun takes a huge toll on these starlets. It’s eye-opening isn’t it (especially for dianna ross).

    I think the award for aging gracefully and with beauty hands down, goes to Vanessa Williams with Jane Fonda coming in a close second. The worst: Melanie Griffith – egads woman, see a specialist.

  2. i don’t feel so bad about myself after seeing those past beauties. i, too, sun tanned alot during my teen years with baby oil, too! but like laurie said, our mother didn’t develop crows feet till she was up in her sixties and i have to say, my skin doesn’t look half bad for what i put it through. has a lot to do with heredity. poor melanie.

  3. It seems it would be such a letdown when all the cosmetic procedures finally succumb to time and the thousands spent can’t do a thing for bad joints, weak hearts, brittle bones now covered with stretched, paper-thin skin….

  4. I am not sure I have embraced my age yet. I don’t feel as old as I look.
    I too was a sun goddess, but even today as much as I am out in the sun still in the summer time my skin looks pretty good. I just hate my hands. They are starting to look old, why?

  5. cheryl, that’s heredity, too. if your mom’s hands looked older, then your’s will probably, too. our mother’s hands are like that. she and daddy fished a great deal at Rockport. i often wondered if there was such a thing as a “hand lift”?

  6. He he … Not hard to tell who’s spent money on the aging process, is it??

    Some of those comparisons aren’t fair though… e.g. Roseanne Barr’s before picture is all airbrushed and the after is a completely natural, candid shot (with a white background to boot).

    Did any of the other women watch this hoping that there is a similar slideshow of aging male actors out there??

  7. Yes, there are handlifts. I recently read that they’re doing them in NYC.

    I like my age, and look pretty good in my opinion for all of the hell I continue to put my skin through. I will admit to having an excellent cosmetic dermatologist though and am hooked on the small amounts (still move your face and frown) of botox he injects every few months – bye bye crows feet!

    Young was fun, but my forties are sooo much better.

  8. i just might consider that hand lift thing. I do not like ugly hands. I really have a thing about ugly feet too.

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