And Now For Da Women Folk


I recently published a post entitled, “What Men Want To Know”, which included questions about women’s thoughts and behaviors as posed from male friends and fellow bloggers.

Women answered these queries.

And so did several men, interestingly enough. It was a good exercise in communication.

But alas…it was one sided.

So in an attempt to balance this act, I received this e-mail from a one Buckley F. Williams, my funny and talented friend from the always madcap blog, “The Nose On Your Face”.


TNOYF Corporate HQ

1900 Oppression Way

Middle America, USA


January 2, 2008






Dear Laurie,

You recently posted an article entitled “What Men Want To Know” on your excellent weblog, “” We still think you should have gone with the subtitle, “Behind The Ironed Curtain,” but maybe that explains why we are all lonely.




So very lonely.

As you are familiar with our website, you know full well that we typically have no interest whatsoever in creating original content, but would much rather piggyback on the ideas of others with much more…how do you say…ambition, flair, and ability.

Holding true to form, we will be posting a breathtakingly un-original article within the next few days entitled “What Women Want To Know.” We feel the title is quite catchy in its simplicity. Don’t you agree?

We need your help.


We are looking for questions that women would like to ask our expert panel–R.H. Potfry, Islamic Rage Boy, and Buckley F. Williams. Our impeccable credentials in the field of all things amour (Potfry once saw a picture of a real, live boob; Buckley never misses an episode of Grey’s; and Islamic Rage Boy has performed countless clitorectomies throughout the Middle East, Dearborn, Michigan, and France) make us the clear choice to provide the answers to the questions that “Women Want To Know.”

Thanks in advance for your help.




Buckley F. Williams

R.H. Potfry

Islamic Rage Boy

“News so fake you’ll swear it came from the mainstream media.”


So ladies, here’s your chance to seek answers to the burning questions you’ve ALWAYS wanted to ask. And what a panel to field these questions!!!! Potfry, Buckley and Islamic Rage Boy, Fundamentalist Extraordinaire.

The Islamic Rage Boy is an interesting by-product of a Madrassa. A confused boy was taught to be an angry, resentful man. It shows. I’ve seen his work. Not the sharpest shahid in the shed. He thinks oral sex in the U.A.E. is called a “blow hijab”.

Yes Sisters, this should be a hoot.

Please participate, won’t you? Cheryl, Furry Chocolates, Molly? Daphne, Arm Jerker? Bab? Amanda? Kristiane? Krazy Bitch, Leaky??? Karol and Kathy? Fausta? BV? Christine? Karmental? Damaged No More??? This is your chance.

This is OUR chance.

My pressing question? Easy. Why do they “move” like that?

You know what I mean.

Send those queries to:, no later than 5 pm (CST) Sunday, January 6th. Just copy and paste this address.   Please include your name and hometown in your e-mail.

I’ll let you know when the TNOYF post will be published.





  1. Duh. Any man will try to answer any question women ask. The problem is that we often don’t have any idea what the answer is, because we never thought about it, because the game was on.

  2. LMFAO!!!!

    See, this is why I love Buckley best.

    How do I get an “in” to personally flirt the king of manly blogosphere humor? I’m soooo jealous Laurie!

  3. That link just takes you to the main page, should I email The Buckley personally? I have burning questions for men, that little rat bastard Rage Boy in particular.

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