A Dog’s Prayer


Dear God,

My name is Rover. I am a dog and one of your creatures. I just wanted to say thank you for a myriad of things for which I am most grateful.

Yeah, I know it’s highly unlikely that a lowly canine like me could ever, would ever close my eyes, lift my head in absolute reverence and fold my paws, well in heart and mind anyway, and pray to you. But here I am, propped up on the side of the bed, next to my bi-ped.

Hope you like the photo.

Anyway God, I love this little guy. He’s almost seven years old and a great kid. He tries hard in school, minds his mother and father..plays well with others. I’ve known him since he was a baby. I met him when he was six weeks old. I wanted to wait to introduce myself until he opened his eyes, you know.

He takes good care of me, so watch over Timmy, please God? And be with him when he has his tonsils removed next week.

In other gratitude, thanks for my abundance of chew toys and the primo chow I get every day. Add to that mix, fresh water and a warm, comfortable bed, and I am one happy puppy.

Yes Lord, life is good and Timmy’s family is choice. I love it here. And frankly, that’s the premise of my prayer. I just wanted to thank you God, primarily for NOT sending me to Michael Vick’s house.

Twenty-three months in federal????? WHAT A DOG HATING PRICK!!!!!

With regard to his Vick’s cell mate Lord, please, PLEASE give that dog a bone…….often.





  1. I’m just waiting to see what kind of excuse the proverbial “they” can cook up so that he doesn’t actually have to serve his time. I can’t believe they didn’t max this prick’s sentence out.

  2. 23 months… does that give him star status? Going to jail is so very “in” these days, you know.

    I’m betting he’s not in there 12 months before someone, probably his cell mate, is recommending his release based on good behavior.

    Funny post and I love the pic!

  3. Great story! Love the photo! It is so sad that stars think it is so cool to go to jail. What are we teaching our kids?

  4. The good news is that in the Federal system there is no parole. The best he can hope for is 52 days a year credit for “good behavior” Maybe for him to earn that credit the warden should make him beg, roll over, play dead and shake hands for each bit of every meal he gets. That would seem just.

  5. Timmy’s prayer: Thank you Lord for having my parents put a computer in my room so I can watch those movies of the pretty naked ladies and no one will know. Also, please tell Mom I really hate pink and green bedspreads.

  6. Ah, that was too cute. I wonder how they got the dog to do that? I hope he isn’t humping the bed post because he could be in prayer or right to the point of no return. If you know what I mean.

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