What’s up

I’m feeling a might puny these days.  … Therefore, I’m currently in San Antonio doing what Bachman Turner Overdrive lyrically compelled me to do in song back in the mid 70’s…”I’m taking care of business”.    I’ll be back up and around in a few days.   The new post about Jewish dating was published a few days ago….or rather, I tried to publish it a few days ago.  Here’s the deal.   I wrote it several weeks ago and kept it as a draft as an “evergreen story”…one that would work at any time, should my body go into heretic mode. Well, that day finally came.   When I started feeling bad, I knew I couldn’t be funny or clever or creative, so I decided to post that particular piece.    But I tried to do it from a Mac—the kafir of all computers.    And when I did, my blogs carrier, WordPress declared a nasty old  fatwah on it and for some reason, my post went all Salman Rushdie and n went into hiding.  The post just popped up–out of nowhere a few hours ago.Infidel.  I’d stone the damn thing if I had the strength.   Or a few stones.  Or the desire to be a religious fundamentalist….which I do not.         I’ll back in the blogging saddle soon.    


  1. Kendrick, it kind of bothers me to check in on your blog and right there on top of your most recent post in a fairly bold font is “No Responses”.

    I understand what it means, don’t get me wrong. I’m just sayin’, it doesn’t look good, you know? I mean, you don’t see a big old golden arches sign out there anywhere that says, “Two served”, or some bullshit like that. I bet those old boys started out having their signs say, “Over 100,00 Served!”.

    It’s just good marketing, man. The opposite of what you have on the top of your post. Course, you have plenty of comments, so it doesn’t last long, which makes it okay.

    Still, it’s a bit pressuring, huh, trying to make sure that you get some comments so that it doesn’t just hang out there saying “No Responses”?

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