A Welfare State

I have never minced words when it comes to my feelings about the current state of the nation’s welfare system. I think it’s a joke and if you’re a normal, rationally thinking being, you will agree with me.


Hurricane Katrina exposed the massive problems in the system.

Exposed them? Yes.

Repaired them? Sadly, no.

As a woman who grew up in the Sixties and came of age in the Seventies, I still believe in the need for social programs—-to a degree. Some of those groovy liberal ideals haven’t left me and more than likely, will never leave me. But as I have stated time and time again, the system is inherently flawed.

Social welfare is no longer the “quick fix for hard times” that it was originally designed to be. It’s become a way of life that’s been systematically abused over the years. To live in a state of welfare for some, is legacy; it’s generational and most think nothing of it. We’re talking a complete way of life handed down from parent to child and so on. To live on the dole, is expected. Many who have and keep their hands out have a skewed and pathetic sense of entitlement.

Personally, I resent it. I resent the hell out of it

Why every administration has allowed the system to continue to fester is beyond me. This might be a gross exaggeration, but in my opinion, the Republicans have done nothing because they can’t be bothered with the indigent–they don’t EVER vote Republican and hence, the problem is swept under the run. That’s easy to do when you simply throw what amounts to “hush money” at a problem.

The Democrats remain involved because I believe they want to keep welfare recipients down and dependent. If you’re “beholding” to someone, you’re easier to manipulate.

Who’s to blame here? Those with their hands out? Or those all to willing to extend the hand out? Both, I think. No, it’s both for sure.

I wish I knew how to fix the problem, but I don’t. I can barely make sense out of my own life, but I sincerely hope the system can be fixed in my lifetime. It might be as simple as A) putting a firm and legally upholding cut-off on the number of children one woman can give birth to and B) a definitive cut off date regarding the number of month/years you can be on Welfare.

We can’t legislate morality, but God knows we should be able to legislate common sense. I want to see Welfare Police. I’m talking badged enforcers who are armed to the hilt. Maybe not with weapons, but with the ability to severely censure offenders.

I want strictly enforced welfare laws on the books and exacted by the judicial branch. More importantly, I want to see offenders punished. Will that clog the courts? Yes, but do you want to continue to shell out your hard earned tax dollars to support someone too lazy, too uneducated and too irresponsible to fend for themselves or their families??? And yes, those adjectives aptly describe the vast majority of welfare recipients.

Spare me your comments about me being a racist. This has nothing to do with skin color. This has everything to do with values, self respect and common decency. I could go on and on here about how I don’t possess a prejudice bone in my body, but I’d be lying.

The reality is, I’m prejudice. Very much so.

I strongly dislike the lazy. I have no respect for unnecessarily stupid people or the conveniently downtrodden and what really repulses me are those who stay in the system by assuming a “propagate to perpetuate” stance. Want more more money? Have more kids. These people are no longer human, they’re merely breeders of selfish convenience.

So, don’t even start with hurling insults at me. This is about people in general. The welfare roles include multi-colored skin tones. No one race has the market cornered on despicable behavior.

There. I’ve said my piece.

Now, what you are about to read is a list of excerpts from real letters received by a a large American city’s Welfare Applications division.

They’d be hilarious if they weren’t so damn pathetic.

1. I am forwarding my marriage certificate and six children. I have seven, but one died which was baptized on a half sheet of paper.
2. I am writing the Welfare Department to say that my baby was born two years old. When do I get my money?

3. You have changed my little boy to a girl. Will this make a difference?

4. I cannot get sick pay. I have six children. Can you tell me why?

5. I am glad to report that my husband who is missing is dead.

6. This is my eighth child. What are you going to do about it?

7. Please find for certain if my husband is dead. The man I am now living with can’t eat or do anything till he knows.

8. I am very much annoyed to find you have branded my son illiterate. This is a dirty lie as I was married a week before he was born.

9. In answer to your letter, I have given birth to a boy weighing ten pounds. I hope this is satisfactory.

10. I am forwarding my marriage certificate and three children one of which is a mistake as you can see.

11. Unless I get my husband’s money pretty soon, I will be forced to live an immortal life.

12. In accordance with your instructions I have given birth to twins in the enclosed envelope.


  1. I LOVE CHEESE!!!!!!

    Sorry–just wanted to say something to break up the posts above. The truth is I like cheese, but I don’t “love” it. I do however, love chocolate–well dark chocolate–and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream–unless it is Kroger brand which sucks hard. I also “love” Billy Joel–but not in the way you might think–I’m not gay and if I was he is kind of ugly–but I “love” his music.

    Anyway, um, oh yeah–the point of commenting on the post—totally forgot what we were doing here.

    I “love” the post–agree with it completely. Lazy=Poor=Entitlement. Years ago before the Government began controlling our lives–churches, communities, parents and children took care of those in need. Maybe we should bring them back.

  2. I don’t know what’s going on here; but I do know, following a link from InstaPundit. The Blog-awards STUNK. Because the code filtering in voters, stunk.

    Here’s the comment I saw:

    The weblog awards were a disaster, with both the science and technology categories being severely hacked by bots. Like they couldn’t see that coming? I saw some of the java. It should have been embarrassing to a middle-schooler.

  3. The desperation aspect of your reply is most curious- that and the fact that you continually refuse to answer the questions I posed seems avoidance behavior. I shall ask them again.

    Now, let’s put this to rest once and for all.

    I never referred to myself as the ‘PM.’ That name was given to me was given to me by the Sisters Kendrick, long before I commented. Why would you imply otherwise?

    Secondly, I spoke to Laurie after your initial comment. I made it clear to her that my response to you would be an effort to redirect your anger towards me and away from her. You made your anger clear and even now, you refer to her ‘stupidity.’ In fact, the only anger stupidity on display is your own.

    Further, you cannot seem to claim any capability at original thinking. You either rehash what I said or you put on a display of dysfunctional projection and displacement behaviors. It is clear you have current and past issues with women in your life.

    As I noted earlier, “You don’t know Laurie, you don’t know me and you don’t know what you think/pretend/presume to know. While you may have had some kind of a relationship with Laurie in your mind, there are two factors to consider- one reality is clearly not a strong suit of yours and two, Laurie is real, and the not the kind of imaginary, controllable, playmate you prefer.

    Your cup of narcissism runneth over.

    It would have been one thing had you demeaned me alone. When you demean Laurie, you open yourself up to deserved ridicule.”

    If you really cared about Laurie, you would have confined your communications with her to email. Instead, you insisted on having this out in a public forum, as if this were about you, first and foremost. That is not an example of ‘caring.’ That is an example narcissism and self absorption. You are indeed a pitiful figure.

    A healthy, well adjusted and intelligent person would know when to cease this kind of behavior walk away. It is just as clear that a dysfunctional person would be incapable of modifying inappropriate behavior.

    You do not know Laurie, you do not know myself and you do not know the nature of our relationship. What you do know so well are your own failed relationships and your own failed behaviors- and that is why you are so desperate to project those behaviors onto Laurie and myself. That is the behavior.

  4. It’s always great to read “official” letters from highly uneducated people. Especially when they are asking or demanding money from the government for multiple children from multiple fathers.
    LK, if you run for office, I’ll not only vote for you, I’ll be on your campaign. I think I can be your “go do” guy much like Tanya Harding to Nancy Karegan. But the crowbar to the knee is not my style. I’m more of a “sing the Silver Spoon’s theme song within earshot of your opponent,” ensure the song will be stuck in their head for days causing insanity. The Army has taught me well.

  5. I beleive in helping those who need help. I am glad that when I lost everything, even my home I was able to get some assistance. It is unfortunate that any NON American citizen or welfare milker can receive 3x more than my pitiful $200 a month in food stamps back then. None the less, I pay into the system and I needed the help. However, this too sickens me. Welfare generations grow up under educated, purposely self down-trotten to ensure more assistance in the future. This only enables futures of crime and existence NOT excellence. It’s almost like TXDOT in a way, spending millions to tear down a perfectly good road and build a new road on the same spot. (Spend more to gain more). There is just no common sense to this. The welfare system treats people in this same manner.

    How do we fix this? In my view, I agree with a term statute for able-bodied individuals. Those who are physical capable to work simply must. If they are unemployable, allow them to do community service for thier share of assitance.This holds true for any non citizen as well. The ederly, disabled children, and the disbaled of course, would not be affected. However, pregnant mothers would have to get back into the workforce within a time limit and gradually decrease the amount to null. Otherwise, their assistance will be ceased immediatley. Thats just a thought.

    Now, let me get off my soapbox.

  6. in that movie, steve had three daughters, which when kathy saw it thought they characterized the sisters kendrick. NOT! the middle daughter couldn’t be more different from me. now the other two, maybe like kathy and laurie. the middle daughter was more like laurie and her temperment.

  7. I agree with you that the welfare system doesn’t work like it should and I agree that some people abuse the system. But, really, it’s not like people are receiving so much money they’re living in mansions.

    Education has a lot to do with the welfare system. How do you expect people to make something of themselves when they’re not being educated.

    Anyway, I really think you should watch the documentary “Waging a Living” http://www.pbs.org/pov/pov2006/wagingaliving/

    It really made me think differently about those strugling to make it. It’s about people who are trying to work and live off of $7, cause there isn’t much out there if you don’t have a degree or a highschool diploma that offers more than that.

    It’s easy to judge others until you have stood in their shoes. It’s also easy to focus on a few bad eggs and not look at the positive. People struggle with money in their everyday lives. Shit, if gas hits $4 a gallon like it is supposed to by the end of the year I may have to quit my job and start working closer to home which may put me in a position I really don’t want to be in.

    Until you’ve been there…you just don’t know. I hope I never have to know.

  8. Hello Mr. Prime Minister,

    “A thousand boys could never reach her, how were you the only one”

    Congrats on making this “thing” public. This should make some interesting posts in the future.

    I’ve always wondered about something and I mean no disrespect (PLEASE DON’T KICK MY ASS WITH BIG WORDS!!!) but do you and LK laugh alot or is she serious sometimes? Is she fun to be with?

    I would think so. Again, not playing NTR here. I was just curious. I respect your girlfriend very, very, very, very, very much.

    Karol was that enough ass kissing?

  9. LOLOLOL@oracle!

    Laurie is funny, serious and damned smart. I clearly got the better end of the deal.

    For future reference, no ass kissing required.

  10. Marble cake: I am pleased to be a knight in cyberspace, but I gotta tell you, the horse thing is killing me.

  11. Juan: “I wouldn’t tango with you, Sir.”

    This is a good thing. For one thing, I cannot move my ass in figure 8, and if I could, I’d be swiveling with Kendrick and not you.

    I’d have more to say but I don’t speak Spanish. How’s your French?

  12. Menu for Thanksgiving? Check out allrecipes.com for ideas.

    I’m going to be at a friends house. His wife cooks up a storm and for the most part, she’s a darn good cook. She makes my favorite dessert, strawberry-rhubarb pie.

    When I eat that, I know there is a heaven.

  13. rhubarb, huh? never tried it. we are looking forward to introducing you to texas cookin. ie: chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes (real, not boxed-a mortal sin down here)and of course, chicken soup (czech style)

  14. Clark, not to worry.

    New Guy, clearly you DO possess critical thinking skills.

    Juan, I have just two questions for Hillary:

    First: How did 941 FBI files of Clinton ‘political enemies’ end up in a locked drawer in your desk in your study- and you say you know nothing about it?

    Second question: How did Rose Law Firm billing records- ones you denied even existed- end up in the trunk of an abandoned car. Why did those records contradict what you said?

    TY, Oracle. The games are declared open.

    Pookie: That would warm the cockles of heart, if I knew what cockles were. Until I do, I’m not committing.

    karol- As far as Texas cooking goes,I want to eat here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfbTO0GlONU

    Czech chicken soup has to be might good to beat Polish chicken soup…

  15. Jill,

    So many questions about my love life…and you’re not even Jewish!!

    I’ll attempt to answer all your queries in the order in which they were posed.

    1. Yes
    2. 6’0″
    3. 50
    4. He’s involved in the geo-political scene
    5. Actually, I’m in Houston
    6. We met here courtesy of my blog
    7. We met in very early April.
    8. Is it serious? I”m just 48 and my clock is ticking so loud it’s keeping the neighbors up but serious? Nah!!

  16. Cheryl,

    Here’s your chance to say “hey” to the PM.

    Oh P!! Cheryl is my oldest friend. We met in Mrs Porter’s Kindergarten class for Small White Children in 1964.

  17. Cheryl, if the place is really good, I’m gonna MOVE to Snook, because it’s the environmentally responsible thing to do.

    No point in wasting gas driving there on a regular basis.

    Was LK responsible for Mrs Porter’s early demise?

  18. Hi PM. Nice to meet you. Laurie is a very funny, smart, complicated person with whom (who?) oh hell who am I trying to kid I flunked Mrs. Purser’s english class, anyway, she and I have know each other for a very long time. Our birthdays are only hours apart. Have a lot good memories with LK. You know going up in the 60’s and 70’s.
    I hope someday to meet you in person.

  19. Jill, what am I stupid?? She knows, she knows!

    I’m sorry but I didn’t tell anybody for months.

    Hannah, yes it was rather nice. There are men and there are gentlemen. I finally found the latter. So few are willing to stand up for the women they care about and I’m so pleased that the MP’s range of concern includes my sisters. We’re lucky.

    The comments are frozen in Cyber Limbo. I’ll be add consulting my life coach regarding the feasibility of returning the comments to their rightful place.

  20. Thanks for MapQuest PM. We lived in that area for a few years. Sometimes I wish we were still there. Went to Lake Somerville a few times.
    Line 26
    Line 27
    Wish I could find that letter. I don’t remember what line 26 and 27 actually said do you?

  21. Cheryl,

    I remember the Mike M. crush. Refresh my memory, did the younger brother have anything to do with that? Did you meet him at the show one night?

    I don’t think it lasted very long, right? Considering everything, I haven’t thought about little brother in almost a uear.



    The PM and I appreciate your best wishes. And I must say, that you’re still with me after all these years mean a great deal to me, Yulie..thank you.

    The PM and I will take your suggestion under advisement. That might be a lot of fun to do.


  22. “..what was it about LK that you noticed first?”

    Her dogged attempts at humor.

    As to the Sisters Kendrick, I know enough to say nothing about women are involved in de-balling.

  23. I really don’t remember how Mike and I got together. I think it had something to do with he could drive and younger bro couldn’t. So if you get him interested in younger bro best friend then he had a way to KC! Wasn’t there some reference to the Smoke house in that letter? I do remember meeting them at the Rialto, Karol came to pick us up from the movies, we were in the back of a truck and when we took them home Mike jumped over me and out of the truck and was in the house before we even said goodbye. Of course you and younger bro were all over each other! That was funny. Don’t you remember him jumping over the side of the truck so fast we didn’t even know he was gone!

  24. hey cheryl, i remember picking you two snotty little punks up and taking you places, sometimes. and yes i remember going by the bros martin home occasionally ONLY because i, too, had some business in kenedy

  25. MM’s first question to me was and I quote, “What kinda dog you got?”

    Cheryl and Karol, remember how deep his voice was for a 13 year old?????

    Remember how deep MY Voice was for a 12 year old girl?????

  26. You know I ws asked on the air once if I’d every want to go back to a favorite time in my life and you two ladies know that time is so very special to me. But I have no desire to see MM now. I don’t care about the man he’s become. I’d just give someone’s left one to give back to a week in KCJH in the fall of either 71 or 72. Football season..ah yes Cheryl was a twirler. I was head cheerleader. The world we thought, was our oyster.

    Cher, did I tell yo I found mu diary recently. I’d forgotten that MM and Melinda dated briefly!!

  27. Cheryl,

    Didn’t Big Brother work at the smokehouse? Because I seem to remember seeing the tan Mustang parked in the parking lot.

    Karol, remember when I would bust you when you run to the fan windows in the foyer to see who’d just driven by and honked??? Cheryl do you remember this?

  28. Hi Karol.

    Yea I think you asked me if I could go back to a certain point in my life what would that be and I told you jr high. We had so much fun. Those were very good times and alot of memories made. Karol wasn’t a bitch, she just didn’t want us tagging around with her all the time. She was too busy with BR from Kenedy. I remember on Sat. morning I had spent the night at the Kendrick mansion, and Karol came down stairs with a hicky on her neck(sp) she had a spoon in the freezer, pulled it out and rub it on her neck. I think that was when I was introduced to what teenagers do on Fri. nights in Karnes County. I think Nonie saw it and made fun of her.

    Remember when the Kenedy guys would ride there bikes to KC just to see us. Lk and I were special women.

  29. Karol, I was traling to MM at 3 one morning and felt something tickle my arm. I was in the dark and I scrathed my arm and it was the tails of TWO huge Scorpions.

    I soiled myself.

  30. i woke up once in your old bedroom to two antennas tickling my nose only to find out it was a huge roach! the pesticide people must have skipped that storeroom when they came to spray

  31. Yeah Cheryl BUT I now know what’s wrong in my life? I never got a boys’ ID bracelet in Jr High and I never got a guy’s Senior Ring in High School. That’s why there’s such an incomplete part to my life. It’s not my lack of pro-creative gynmnastics. It’s that I never had an ID bracelet or a guy’s ring.

    God I wasted a lot of money in therapy.

    By the time I got to high school, the guy I was dating had been out of school for four years and I never bothered asking him about his class ring, because I figured his wife wouldn’t like it much.

  32. We were soooo bad. Sneaking out of the Kendrick house meant walking out the back door. Down to the bridge. Remember that? Meeting Scott Herring and Bobby what was his last name.

    What happened with the lattice?

  33. yea, i remember that. Those parties were fun. Spin the bottle, could get pretty hot and heavy. why did our parents let us play that game, I would never let my girls do that.
    I seem to remember someone having a party and the city hall.

  34. Cheryl, the first guy I ever played spin the bottle with was at Sarah’s party and it was none other than Curtis Perkins (god rest his soul). Before he died, I wrote Jeri and told her to read him my letter and I reminded him of that. I was this ugly round faced 6th grader at the time and as an 8th grade boy, Curtis didn’t have to be as nice as he was. But he was and Jeri wrote me back and said he remembered that.

  35. I want to hear about PMs past too. Any wild stories in PMs past?? Spill ’em.

    A poncho and turtle neck?? What the hell was that about? I will call on that one.

  36. no, I was on the back of a truck with others trainees. Everyone jumped out. I stood on tailgate, without checking whether the pin was in locked position.

    It wasn’t.

  37. Oracle, that was when my career as acerbic wit got started.

    I practiced on my mom. She’s still in a coma.

  38. Karol, the wood on the lattice was too weak to support human weight. Trust me…I tried.

    Yes, Sam, I’ll be hosting a show this next Sunday and as soon as I get permission, Ill announce who my guest host will be. Oh cohost????

  39. Oh, so Karol was wearing the poncho and turtle neck. Probably to hide the hickies on her neck. Sorry Karol. I just have never forgotten that for some reason. What happened to BR?

  40. OMG, it held AZ. It was some strong lattice work. I bet she had to spray the room after he left? Remember LK? Oh that smell, can’t you smell that smell?

  41. Hey Loxie I gotta run. Kids are getting out of school soon. Next time you are in SA call me and maybe we can meet somewhere for lunch or dinner.
    Bye Karol.

  42. Every time you eat an order of chicken fried bacon at sodolacks, the Aggies score a point.

    Be an Aggie hero and eat your team to the top.

  43. hey, PM, i have an old classmate who reads lauries posts regularly (which he also was my old jr high boyfriend). anyway, he emailed me and said if anyone messes with the homegirls, they’d be drawing back two broken arms. thanks for coming on board.

  44. Holy crap. Are those letters real? I was really hoping they sprung from your wit and are not really letters that actually exist! How sad it that?
    I hate Welfare. Until it changes, I can’t stand by it. Of course I say that, but one day something may happen to me and I may need it…

  45. The welfare system in Canada is very much the same and therefore just as frustrating. Extra money on a paycheck is NO reason to bring a child into the world.

    It seems I’ve missed some of the commentary of the last couple of days… it may have been just the cure for the nicotine shakes of the last couple of days.

    It’s nice to see that you’ve found a gentleman! 🙂

  46. Thanks Furry. Did you finally give them up for good? You have my respect., I know it can’t be easy.

    Yes, the dialogue got rather spirited. Strange things seem to follow my life and when it gets strange, it gets dramatic. It’s over, it’s done. Feelings were hurt, damage done, damage repaired.

    Frankly, I’m rather glad the gentleman found me.


  47. The PM sounds like a winner – happiness for you. Intellegent, witty, and willing to beat up stray weirdos & protect their women type men are a blessing. KEEP Him!

    On your post – I absolutely agreed with every single word you wrote. That was brilliant Laurie.

    Thanks for the fine reading.

    **why am I thinking you & FM 1960 area?

  48. Nope Sistah!

    Westchase. Gessner/Beltway 8.

    I don’t wake up to an alarm clock, I awaken to police sirens and burglar alarms.

    Daphne, he’s a gem in a sea of CZ’s.

    He loves nothing more than defiling weirdos and since you know my resume, you also KNOW I’ve got plenty of miscreants and mistakes of nature hanging around me, all of which, need a good beatin’.

    He’s a hand to my glove.

  49. Man, that’s out there. On my trip back into town a few weeks back I saw, count ’em , 3 flipped cars on the beltway. Reminded me of my time in Indianapolis. All of my family remaining in the city have moved to the exurbs: Kingwood, Woodlands, the odd southlands down I45 south towards the BOI people.

    From reading your man, he has my full support. You chose a good hand Miss Laurie. Does he have magic fingers too?

  50. Mrs. Klink,

    BOI people? Head cocked like Nipper, the RCA dog peering into the speaker of the old Victrola. Please explain.

    Magic fingers Daph? Is that a Disney attraction?

  51. Is it safe to come out now? Man, I was beginning to think I was going to have to get Weschester into this and you know he could hishhhhhh some mean word too-just not as intellectually. Anyway, it nice to that the Primeman is here. As the good book states “the tongue is as sharp as a two-edged sword” Wow!!!

  52. Well hello there, you ole greenbean zhroba queen. Call me sometime win you geta chance. I couldn’t agree with you more on the above topic.

    I drive a big truck with my (3rd) wife, so my hours are waky sometimes but no worries here.

    Take care look 4ward to shootn the breeze w/u sometime.

    Tommy Shockome.

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