Laurie: La Perdadora



The 2007 Weblog Awards.

My God!!

I didn’t just lose in the Funniest Blog category, I lost and by a HUGE landslide. In total, 33, 080 votes were cast and I managed to net 241 That translated into a whopping .o7 percent of the vote.


I mean, it was the same caliber as Mondale’s humiliating defeat by Reagan in 1984.

This is so going to look bad in my someday-to-be-filmed, E! True Hollywood Story.

And leave it out of my damn Wikipedia write up, too!

Yes, I lost and frankly, I’m not sure what happened.

It could be because my blog is a newbie; it just turned seven months old on Halloween.

It could be because I didn’t campaign, I didn’t send out mass mailers or ask my Aunt Margie’s Craft’s Club to vote. I didn’t place ads in high visibility places nor did I ask bloggers to pimp me out on their sites. A few did on their own and I’m most appreciative. Thank you all.

And it could be because my blog just isn’t funny.


Hey!! Come on now!! Who put that there?????

Ah, really…it’s no biggie. Nothing but a thang.

It’s just a contest.

It simply wasn’t my year. It was enough to have been nominated and then from that, I was selected as a finalist.

I’m honored and flattered and really, that’s more than enough!!!


But I’m hardly alone when it comes to very public losses. Humiliation loves company.

Here, I’ll show you:

Thomas Dewey lost to Truman in 1948:



Hirohito’s rule couldn’t save Japan from defeat in the Big One, WWII.



We all know what happened to this diminutive Frenchman at Waterloo:



John F. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon by the narrowest of margins back in the presidential race in 1960.



Can we forget that for 18 years in a row (save for her ONLY win in 1999) Susan “Erica Kane” Lucci of ABC’s oh so long-in-the-tooth soap opera, All My Children, never won the Daytime Emmy for Best Leading Actress????



And then of course, there was the Buffalo Bills 1971 season:



Look, losing the competition for the Funniest Blog in the 2007 Weblog Awards doesn’t bother me. Really, it doesn’t bother me at all.

I’m fine. I kind of wear it like a badge of honor.

And I want to take this time to thank everyone who voted for me. I appreciate your support.

Your votes were real.

Your votes were organic.

Thank you.

And to the nine blogs in my category who beat me soundly?

What can I say other than congrats on your much better showing.

You have more readers.

You campaigned far more effectively.

Your blogs are older and more established.

In the simplest of terms, your blogs are just funnier than mine**.


Now, cut that out!!!!!!!



I have one bullshit exception.

The funniest blog didn’t win.

The funniest blog didn’t even make the top five.

The absolutely brilliant The Nose On Your Face, in my opinion, was robbed of the title of “Funniest Blog” in in this year’s competition. It is smart, issue-oriented satire. It’s legitimate humor for the intelligent reader. And sadly, that means it’s probably over many readers’ heads.

I applaud it, not only for it’s sheer comedic genius, but because of the class it exuded. TNOYF didn’t obsess over winning, it didn’t trash other blogs, then pout and whine about it for days. It spent “contest” time being what legitimate humor blogs are SUPPOSED to be…it was funny.


  1. Now that you mention it, I should have campaigned for you on my site. I’m sorry that I didn’t. It just never occurred to me to do such a thing. I’m sorry I didn’t think about that.

  2. You have a wonderful blog.

    By the way, McGovern lost to Nixon, in 1972.

    Reagan starred against Mondale.

    And, the reason I remember this? Well, Bill and Hillary Clinton were young. They were on the McGovern bus; just beginning in the world of politics.

    So you see? You can lose today, and still be thrilled at the outcomes down the line; when you’re as old as “over the Hill.”

    I didn’t even think to look in here. (Spent my voting time, giving Captain’s Quarters my votes.)

    By the way, I think to “win” you need to hire a company in India; to do all those phone calls. (And, a relief it is! They don’t have to speak to American customers at the other end.)

    Keep up the good work. At least I’ve bookmarked, ya.

  3. Hi Karol. It is Cheryl. Were are the other sisters tonight? I see Laurie put the email I sent her at the top of her blog. I laughed so hard at Kathy last Fri. night.

  4. waiting on Melinda so we can go walk. I am trying to keep this trim slim figure in shape!!

  5. well i am out of here. my 16 year old needs the computer to do her chemistry paper! like now, like you know. when she finishes i will see if you guys are still on. later

  6. “I mean, it was the same caliber as Mondale’s humiliating defeat by Reagan in 1984.”

    Ok I couldn’t help but laugh. Then I saw Susan Lucci and wet my pants.

    Aw, come on honey, it’s not big deal. It’s like this month, when I’ve got to judge all those beauty pageant girls…the best aren’t going to win, just the ones who suck cock lol

    So – who DIDN’T you blow?

  7. You made the right move in not campaigning and you got this far in 7 months–awesome!

    As for losing–Another couple of notable examples:

    1993 Houston Oilers v. Buffalo Bills (if I was a wife beater–that would have been a rough day at home)

    The Cheetah girl on Dancing with the Stars– but then again cheetahs are neva winnas

  8. We are not losers, Laurie. We are “victory challenged.” I was happy to discover your blog through this competition as I’m sure many were. And I second your words about The Nose on Your Face.

  9. Laurie,
    Late here, as usual. But you’re not a loser. I’m a loser. After one year and a $752,000 ad budget, my lame-ass book has sold 30 copies! Also, my baseball team is the Cubs. Need I say more?

    So get your chin up Bucky. And keep postin those hilarious posts. Also, ditto what you said about The Nose on Your Face guys. They’re great.

  10. oh bullshit, you’re one of the most hysterical writers that I know/read.
    i hate to use a tired cliche (wait no i don’t) but..
    fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke -rim shot-

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