1. I think my new working title for my blog will be an amalgam of all the blogs that kicked my ass this year:.

    “Sadly, The Nose On My DUmmie, but Bossy Boobs in Dallas is Swift But the Hatemongering Is Actually Rather FUnnie”

  2. don’t know about my house being “smart” but i can tell you things go bump in the night

  3. The new name is awesome!!! Your blog is hillarious. Dummie Funnies is third grade. Boobs and Dr. Pepper isn’t funny its a fantasy and the rest are just plain crap.

    Celebrate the nomination and keep plugging away–sometimes the only time I laugh all day is when I read your blog.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA. Thanks for that image. I have to go to the Law school and judge some idiot students attempting to put on a mock trial competition. Now the entire time I’ll be thinking of this image the entire time.


  5. Ho Hum…. You know, I read the other nominee site’s and while they were funny I really think this one beat them by a mile. Not very many people can get me laughing so hard I nearly chock to death on a Triscuit like Laurie. It’s a talent I tell you. And on top of that, the story of the fat rejection pills had my friend wheezing with nostril flaring. It was a site. Thanks Laurie. This site is now a daily bright spot in my life.

  6. Laurie, we knew you were funny (kinda odd too) when you were two years old.You don’t need an award-hell you need some serious help! Remind me to make sure your brain is left for science.

  7. Nate, go back and read my description of you. I didn’t leave-I was thinking and typing.(at the same time)

  8. eyes-blue or hazel
    hair-blonde or light brown
    build-medium (Middle age – you are 54 didn’t you say??)
    glasses-when needed
    hair-maybe a little thinning
    athletic-or once was
    funny- for sure
    nice-I am convinced

  9. I am having a beer after the sauna and do not even remember that there would have been an award contest, at least not one of particular interest. But I did enjoy casting my daily twin votes.

  10. Need some sleep. I have had too little of it these last couple of days. I need to be fit by Sunday as I travel to Tallinn for a three day conference.

  11. Sadly enough, I have some writing to be done tomorrow. Theoretically I could do some drinking on Saturday but that would not be worth being hungover at sea on Sunday.

  12. Laurie, I saw your post over at Siggy’s and I did vote for you. Try again next year…you just never, never know. Take care and have fun writing!

  13. Thanks for those kind words, Laurie. But I must admit, the restraint exuded by TNOYF comes more from our fearless leader, Buckley F. Williams, than it does me. He keeps his eye on the ball.

    Being a finalist your first year is HUGE. Congrats.

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