More Fun With Photoshop


I, Laurie Kendrick have an interesting lineage.

On my father’s side, I come from a people who, for some strangely arcane reason, like to put the article before the noun in their everyday speech patterns.


I’ve nary a clue.

I come from educated stock, for the most part. I actually have urbane blood coursing through my veins. Yet placement of the article before the noun was something certain family members did and still do incessantly and it was and is something that still makes me cringe with regularity.

Take my father, for example. He’d say:

  • “What’s wrong with him? Does he have “the AIDS?”
  • “We can watch the fight tonight. I’ve got “the HBO.”
  • “My daughters sure do like “the rock and roll music.”


  • “Don’t go out on a date with that crazy dame. I hear she has “the herpes”.

So, in continuing this topic further kids, today’s post will be about “the Photoshop”.

Oh, I know that’s not the only photo-altering program out there, but Photoshop is the most common. I use it the same way we call every tissue a Kleenex. Furthermore, you don’t remove earwax with a “cotton swab” do you?

Hell no! It’s a Q-Tip!!!

Same thing with Photoshop.

I couldn’t sleep the other night and hopped on” the Darren” (my computer) to do a little Intrawebnetsphere browsing. I found some pictures that had been “retouched” in the most hilarious of ways.

It seems that President Bush is a prime subject for “the Photoshop” and he’ll be the subject in most of these pics you’re about to see.

Please understand that I am not necessarily a dyed in the wool Conservative, but I eschew the Democratic party to the point that I’d even vote for Ron Paul if he’d switch affiliation. For me, THAT’S saying something. Therefore, I have no political ulterior motive in posting these photos. I merely do so because they’re funny.

Besides, nothing demonstrates our humanistic interconnectivity better than laughter.

I know…….I’m full of “the bullshit”.
















The all Halal Missiles!!!!








Notice President Bush’s expression in the background:






Meet the Bush-Ladens





And finally…





My God, are the 2007 Weblog Awards over yet? Has a new Funniest Blog been crowned? Damn…enough already! I am SO losing this competition. A mere 521 votes separate me from the next lowest vote getter.

Something like 12-thousand votes separates me from the leader.


How much more humiliation do I have to take? 

A few more hours,  according to Weblog rules and regulations. Voting MERCIFULLY ends TODAY,  Thursday, November 8th at 4pm (CST).

I’m in dead last place. I have a whopping .07-percent of the vote with more than 30-thousand votes cast.  Since day one, I’ve barely been on the ballot.

I couldn’t be MORE proud.

And I’m really not sure why I’m losing so desperately…..especially since I have the ultimate endorsement!


You don’t want to go against God, do you?   You have have until 4 pm TODAY to please Him.  Throw a sympathy vote my way. Click here.


  1. politics. aint nobody going to be happy no matter who’s in office and frankly, i feel for the ol boy or lady who takes over and tries to do something about all the fungi this nation has produced. i’ll be glad when the presidential election is over. i’m tired.

  2. yes, i heard prime rib. sounds like he knows a little something about a lot of things. I love his throaty laugh .

  3. here I is…..hello everyone —Laurie and I have been laughing like crazy…I especially like the bush baby. I wonder if he looked kinda like that as a baby? One thing about it, it’s going to be hard to find a joke replacement when he’s gone! Have you seen the Ford pickup commercial with that guy that could be his double? It is really funny. Hey NTR- haven’t talked to you in a while. How have you been??

  4. if anyone is interested, we had a nice cold front to come through(in Texas we call them northers) it was good to get out the sweaters. Hey, Juanita, it took me a while too to learn to spell Boerne town, but it also was strange realizing it was corn(s) and not karne(s)

  5. Has anyone out there seen Dan In Real Life? It’s kinda a chick flick but if you want to get an idea of the sistas as young girls, go see it. the only Karol. The older is pretty much me? Who else out there is the oldest child?

  6. Thanks guys. I think the deadline is tomorrow night at midnight. I can’t wait for this to be over.

    What a lousy showing, huh? Last place with .07 percent of the vote. Red letter day for the Kendricks!!!

  7. Speaking of the Prime Minister, he and House are alot alike. That;s EXACTLY like one of our conversations.

    The only difference though is that I’m the one usually slammin’ back the Vicodin.

    It numbs the pain of truth

  8. watching House is almost like readiing this blog. nastiness, sarcasm, lots penis and vagina references. My gosh is nothing sacred????

  9. KK I meant to ask you. I’m looking at ya’lls picture right now. Do you and Kathy have light eyes and LK has brown eyes? Who’s the Meskin in the wood pile?

  10. yes-I think they are bigger or her clothes are getting smaller and lower. They all want her badly. Only bad thing about House is that he looks like he smells bad. Kinda greasy and like he never showers. I love him anyway.

  11. funny you say that Juanita-Laurie you want to add to this????? I have green eyes-Karol has hazel blue I think and Laurie has big brown eyes.

  12. HAHAHAHAH it includes a boxing, ring..a terrarium filled with Pinot, two super straws. two thrones, alot of yelling. one British accent and…LIttle Virg as a referree and Kelly as the ring girl

  13. Karol, mine have always been green. When I wear green especially. Laurie you know that. They have never been hazel. I guess you and I have more of the same color but a brown eyed blonde is kinda rare I think.

  14. Nate, I am not drinking tonight. I can’t do it on the week days too often. I don’t think Cuddy ever wears a bra—–bitch

  15. Yeah, James is a distant cousin (we think) and tech guy here in Houston. Check out his blog. I know….two Kendricks blogging in the same city? The prospects are frightening.

  16. At least you made finalist. That’s saying something, innit? Just be glad that your blog is actually funny. The leaders in this sorry vote are too busy bashing each other to focus on actual humor.

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