Oldies But Goodies


I love satire.

Nothing makes me happier than poking fun at the zietgiest du jour.

And hilariously doctored photos are some of my favorite examples.

That love affair began in the Fall of 1963 when I saw my very first one:



Fast forward to the Fall of 2001.

In December of that year, we were still nursing wounds from the terrorist attacks of September 11th. By the start of Advent, we really hadn’t laughed at much since that fateful day and a sad, sober nation was in need of comic relief. So, someone edited a few photos that helped teach an emotionally fractured nation how to laugh again.

Some genius with enough time on his very skilled hands, found a picture taken of a Hungarian tourist vacationing in NYC in 1997. This particular pic was snapped as he stood atop Tower One of the World Trade Center on a bright, sunny morning…not unlike the one Gotham awoke to on September 11th, 2001.

The only difference was a temperature of about 55 degrees.

Tuesday, September 11th was warm; balmy even. The picture of the tourist was taken on a cold very day…his heavy winter clothing was the dead giveaway. And never mind the fact that tours to the very top of the 110th floor, hadn’t even begun when American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower.

Well, long story short, someone took the snapshot and inserted in an image of an American Airlines Boeing 757 that looked as though it was taking dead aim at Tower One.

Here it is:


With the exception of the actual angle and attitude with which Flight 11 was in upon impact, this (probably) would’ve been a fairly accurate vantage point had someone actually been standing atop the Observation Deck that morning. As fake photos go, it’s very well done.

In fact, it’s so good it’s frightening.

This photo was distributed all over the web with many claims attached to it: “Tourist Guy”, the moniker pop culture bestowed upon him, had miraculously survived the impact and collapse. There was another story that he’d been killed and the camera and undeveloped film were found in the rubble. All kinds of rumors abounded.

Then someone with a wickedly, devilish sense of humor took the picture one step further. “Tourist Guy” started showing up in photos of major disasters, in the still frames of some beloved American films and also in photos and artist’s renderings of other history making events—some that had occurred more than two thousand years ago.

They make hilarious anachronisms.

Some of the photos even have authentic looking timestamps.

When released in the weeks after September 11th, these obvious “fakes” provided some much needed comic relief for a grieving nation.

Considering the current global climate, I think we can all use a little of that same inspired comedy today.

So, here they are again.

Many of these photos I’m sure you’ve seen before. Some you might be seeing for the first time. Either way, they’re just so damn funny, they’re worth posting.















And finally, one from the “Don’t We Wish!!!” file…….




  1. so you’re last for now. we all know you’re the best and you don’t need a title for that.

  2. and yes you are. bigger than life (didn’t mean that literally) and it shouldn’t cause you intestinal distress either

  3. No, fear not. This will not give me the doodly squirts. However, I’ve not slept in two days. I am seeing double and I’ve seen Satan sitting in my butter in the fridge.

    Charlotte was speaking Esperanto and my third octagonal shaped breast itches like hell.

    Other than that, I’m peachy.

    et toi pooh?

  4. If I had Prime Rib behind me TODAY, I would not have Prime Rib behind me any longer.

    I don’t look real pretty today, Cobbie.

    I really do look half raccoon.

  5. I can’t feel anything below my waist.

    My hair hurts. I’m just that tired. I haven;t slept since Wednesday. Maybe a total of six hours max..

    I’m actually drooling. I keep hearing in my head that “Soylent green is made of people” and for some reason that sounds rather tasty.

    The PM suggested I eat pasta! Unless it’s made of Ambien, I don’t see how that’ll help but I’ll give it a try. Believe it or not, I haven’t had an appetite in three days.

    Mein Gott!! I’m a Kendrick and I’m not hungry? I AM dying.

  6. kathy jsut called from austin and said she met up with brian by accident and he said he was seriously considering coming for thanskgiving. that should be a nice hearty topic of discussion after the holiday

  7. we will definitely have a drunk fest for sure and he told her he might even have an open house at his ranch the next night.

  8. those were great things that he said about you. i cannot believe that those other people got so many votes. the contest doesn’t sound honest.

  9. It’s very sweet. I was touched. The contest is legit. They’re older blogs and they campaigned and I didn’t.

    I don’t care. I really don’t. I know what my blog is all about. I’ve read the other blogs. Comedy is subjective.

    Mamy people would think my blog ism’t funny.

    And of course, they’d be wrong, but that’s OK.

  10. Karol…I haven’t eaten and I haven;t bathed and I swear that Elmer’s glue is coming out of my eyes.

    I’m crying sweetened condensed milk.

    Quick! Somebody make 7 layer brownies. I’ll watch “Titanic” in order to produce enough tears to cover the top layer.

  11. go get you another cheeseburger like you had the other night. drink you a frosty coke and you’ll feel better.

  12. virg and i need a place to fly to. any plans for next weekend? we would fly into an FOB somewhere.

  13. the average person wouldnt know how to take you but all honesty you got many readers who are right on the level with you

  14. Laurie, I made you cry from all six of your eyes? I always thought you had seven of them.

    Karol, in a democratic society the majority calls the bets but that does not mean that we who are in the minority would have to believe that they are right.

  15. Google translations are funny per se albeit involuntarily. Much to the dismay of translation robots, each nation was shameless enough to develop a unique structure in their language which makes the computer generated translations that much harder nuts.

    As best I can tell, you are no standard woman. That I knew, most standard women I have encountered are far from my sense of humor.

  16. Well Larko, you can’t blame a girl for trying a little “blog detente”.

    Not that you and I have any political fences that require some deftly handled mending, I just wanted to use a big word.

    Had that damn Tower of Babel not fallen down, none of this would be needed, but because it did, I had to attempt to be linguistically pretentious–something I will NEVER attempt again.

    No, I am an not a standard issue woman and fortunately for me, that difference comes easy.

    Some people judge others (namely, the opposite gender) on their appearance. Other’s make judgment calls by virtue of where others live, what they drive…their bank accounts–namely, the amount of zeros’ after the decimal point.

    Not me. I go for brains and verbal brawn. Any man who gets me, I will make the effort to get him. And really, that almost goes without saying. If he gets me, our mutuality is a given.

    I appreciate you very much.


  17. Laurie, now you are almost making me cry. I do not remember the last time a woman said something so nice to me. Thank you.

    As for the linguistics, never say never and I would be damned if I killed your curiosity against the language spoken in this country. It is just that you would need to trust your own judgement . If you ever happen to visit this part of the Universe, free lessons are guaranteed as well as an invitation for a dinner (not to mention several rounds of my favorite beverage).

    Zeros in my bank statement? Are there any other digits than zeros one could have in a bank statement?

  18. Gee Larko…what gave you the impression I would be able to consume several rounds of your favorite beverage? Because you get me.

    By the way, I can tell by the way you write, your favorite beverage would NOT be goats milk!!

    I would love to be Finland bound someday.It’s been years since I’ve stepped foot in Europe and lately my thoughts have crossed the pond many times.

    Finland intrigues me. For one thing, I dig that fact that you have a madam president. I don’t know that much bout Tarja Halonen but any woman who holds office is OK by me

    Except for Hillary.

    Someday Larko, I’ll be headed straight for the place my mother always worried I’d go: Hell——-sinki.

  19. Can’t wait to host you, Laurie. That said, I would also like to host you across the Gulf of Finland in Estonia which is spiritually closer to me. Without going into details, my press credentials come from the Estonian Union of Journalists.

    Madam, president, yes. The first head of state so far that I have the honor of knowing in person. We go very long back, about 35 years. That said, I voted for her when she ran for her first term but against her in the second. I am not dissatisfied with her and I waited to the last minute to make up my mind. I was in a win win position to get a good president regardless of which one of the two was elected.

    See you in Hell sink. And in Tall inn as well. 🙂

  20. Oh yes, you are absolutely right. Goat milk is not my favorite beverage, neither is cow milk or any other milk. Some of the footage in my podcast might just give you an idea about the beverage.

  21. SKOL!! Aren’t you cute!

    As a woman of a certain age and one of Welsh, Polish and British extraction, I too love my beer. I have to….genetic coding and all. In my double helix Larko, there exists chromosomes…and beer. Yes beer, I swear to God!!

    Here, I join you (sound of top popping off)

    I toast us, Larko, the gifted, yet unsung Journalists of the World.

    May the written word live forever.

  22. They are either in your top drawer or under your laptop, provided that you were waring socks yesterday in the first place.

  23. It is almost 5 a.m, yes. That never stopped me from doing what I feel like doing.

    If there are exotic women landing in the Hellbilly International Airport, I do not care because you are not one of them.

  24. looks like you and larko should have just telephoned each other. guess since its saturday, everyone is out. i just got home

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