A Quiz


This is a quiz I composed JUST for my own morbid curiosity.

My readers span the country and the globe (and yes, I’m bragging) and I thought it would be interesting to see the different responses to the different questions. Even domestically, answers will vary from region to region.

Growing up in the Southern half of Texas, we frequently used the word “tump” as in “tump over”. That’s an old English word–interchangeably, an adjective and a verb and defined, it means to fall over. As in “Your bike tumped over”.

That’s not the same as falling off your bike. That would involve speed and distance. To “tump” over, there can’t be very much distance between the object falling and point of impact. See what I mean? More than likely, “tump” would describe falling off a bike while stationery.

This was a common term used in Houston and points west to San Antonio and then south from the Alamo City. I have friends and cousins in Austin and Dallas who’ve never heard of the word. So, differences in colloquialism can exist as close as 60 miles in some cases.

With that said, the 10 queries you’re about to read will focus mostly on your youth and it’s open to everyone.

Lastly, there’s no score keeping–there are no wrong answers, but I will take points off for abject lameness. I mean I am, after all, me.

You don’t have to answer every question, but I will think you a dick if you don’t.

OK ready?

1. As a child, what did you call these:


A) colors

B) crayons

C) other (if “other”, what did you call them?)

2. What did you call these as a kid:


A) Pop

B) Soft drinks

C) Sodas

D) Cokes as an all purpose name

E) Other

3. When you were much younger, what– in your youthful lexicon– did you call the two different substances (one solid, one liquid) produced, then eliminated by your excretory system?

4. What was your favorite toy and why?

5. Favorite M&M’s?


A) Plain B) Peanut

6. What was/is your all-time favorite cartoon and why?

7. Oreos or Hydrox


8. Tell me about your very first car.

9. Did you have an imaginary friend? If so who or what was it and how did you get rid of it…providing you actually got rid of it??

10. What’s your best childhood memory and why? Cliff’s Note version, please.

In your responses, please indicate the city/state/country in which you grew up.


  1. You already know my answers but as what was taught me, I will answer:
    1. A-colors
    2. D-Cokes as an all purpose name
    3. teetee and BM
    4. Gerber baby. She was so cute.
    5. A-plain
    6. Road Runner. He was so cute.
    7. Oreos
    8. A 1963 turquoise Dodge Dart. Had a huge steering wheel, a lever you threw down for park and also had push buttons for the gears. If that poor vehicle could talk…
    9. No imaginery friend. I was normal.
    10. Had so many. Would take too long to write down.

    You know where I grew up.

  2. 1) crayons
    2) sodas
    3) well, when in early single digits, poop and pee. Once the impact of my father being a sailor sank in in later single digits, shit ‘n piss out of the folks earshot.
    4) Legos, because you had to exercise basic structural engineering skills to make something.
    5) Plain
    6) 40’s-era Bugs Bunny, because he was a homicidal maniac
    7) Oreos, hands down
    8) A 1974 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser with a V-6 Rocket, sun roof and a huge fold-down space.
    9) I don’t remember any imaginary friends.
    10) Guy Fawkes Night, 1967, standing out in the middle of a closed RAF airfield,drinking cocoa and watching a dummy burn.

    Virginia Beach, Va.; Cornwall, England; Pensacola, Fla.; Norton, Va.; Norfolk, Va. and Norton, Va. (we moved a lot)

  3. Good Morning, Keyland!
    3.pee. poop.
    4.legos, because they hurt if swallowed. Educational indeed.
    5.peanut. I’m refusing to use the corresponding letters as a response.
    6.The Road Runner. Mostly because I have always appreciated the tenacity of that coyote.
    7.I was spoiled, oreos.
    8.1988 Ford Tempo. It was silver. The ac never worked, it burned oil, I didn’t know it needed more, it died. But it took one hell of a flight once. Good riddance.
    9.Don’t remember. I must have blocked his imaginary ass out.
    10.Going anywhere with my dad. Vague, I know, but it’s true. I never really cared too much about where we went, just so long as he was around.

  4. Ok Laurie,

    Here are mine —

    1. A) Colors

    2. D) Cokes as an all purpose name

    3. LOL poo poo and pee pee (this is 4 yrs old)

    4. My Golden rocking horse that was suspended via coiled springs or maybe even the disco dance machine– remember those lol

    5. A) Plain

    6. Tom and Jerry from the 60’s and 70’s,Bugs Bunny (70’s), at age 4 it was speed racer and penelope pitstop


    8. It was a 1988 Oldsmobile 4 door(forgot the model) I bought in 1997. The engine was held together with 1 engine mount and two C clamps. No AC and the back window was held up by a 2×4 board. The body was good and the silver paint job aged into gray. It had over 120k on it. I traded it —- LOL

    9. Not really — My imaginary friend was real — Paul my twin bro 🙂

    10. I have many of these. The ones that stand our would be we we all had a picnic at Lake Houston and played ball with Mom and Dad– I miss my dad the way he was then very much. The other would be when Mom took Pual and I to Peppermint Park for my then friend Michael Paul Allen’s Birthday–(age 4)

  5. 1) (a) colors

    2) (e) I called them by their brand name. A coke was a Coke. An RC Cola, was and RC. But people in my region of the country commonly say, “pop.”

    3) Poop and pee. Duh.

    4) My Tonka dump truck. It was indestructable. I recently sold it on e-bay for $30.00 to a collector.

    5) (a) Plain

    6) Bugs Bunny. The wascally rabbit just always had the upper hand over his neighbors.

    7) Oreos. WTF are Hydrox?

    8) The common chick magnet known as a ’77 red Ford Pinto. It was handed down to me from my older sister. I beat the hell out of that car and couldn’t kill it. I was still driving it when I got married.

    9) N/A

    10) Wrenching on minibikes at my dad’s small engine shop when I was still a toddler. I had my own sit of box end wrenches and a socket set. Yeah baby!

    Note: My growing up years were in Spencer, Iowa, population: 12,000.

  6. 1) Crayons

    2) Pop

    3) Pee and Poop

    4) Dolls. My sister and I would move all of our dolls and accessories (e.g. crib) into the hallway and play “House in the Hall”. Close second was Lego. Also snow 🙂

    5) Peanut M&Ms

    6) Bugs Bunny without a doubt. Favorite character? Yosemite Sam…

    7) Oreos.

    8) First car was a used 1999 Pontiac Grand Am (yes, I’m young). I drove it hard!

    9) No imaginary friends because I had a sister just 1.5 years younger.

    10) One memory in particular is of a snowshoeing trip taken with my family and grandmother when we shoe’ed up a frozen brook after a snowstorm so the trees were very heavily laden with snow. THAT was a beautiful day.

    Interesting colloquialism for you: I live about 10 mins away from the Maine border. The US is “over-cross”, meaning across the border, regardless of what town you are going to. I’ve discovered that even people that grew up 30 mins away find this strange and funny.

    Hometown: Bath, New Brunswick, Canada. Population while growing up was about 1,100.

  7. Here Goes
    1. B) Crayons
    2. B) Soft drinks
    3. Cheap plonk and munchies. We were very poor, not to mention a bit gross.
    4.”Mr Sausage” He is made of plastic and has batteries.
    5. A) Plain
    6. The Simpsons. Homer is a role model to me. Could be why my life sucks at the moment!
    7.Have absoloutly no idea what you are talking about, and neither has my dictionary.
    8.It was a MiniVan. I strapped a Saturn V rocket to the roof but I could never get it to ignite properly.
    9. All my friends are imaginary, or so they tell me.
    10.You have lost me, again, with the Cliff’s Note Version thing. I suppose living in Narnia for 200 years and then stepping out of the wardrobe into contemporary Scotland is quite an enduring memory.

  8. 1) Colors
    2) Cokes as an all purpose name
    3) Number 1 and Number 2
    4) My Monopoly Game–I was a conservative at a VERY young age.
    5) Peanut-(now-Dark Chocolate!)
    6) Speed Racer-because of the car.
    7) Oreos
    8) 1981 Chrysler LeBaron 4 door Sedan–total piece of crap. In fact, my high school buddies called it “Piece O'” It threw a rod at 86K miles-thanks America for that pile of junk.
    9) I did not have one-again, too conservative for such a open-minded experience. 😉
    10) Hanging out with my dad at his office on Saturday mornings and watching cartoons on his black and white TV–we would always go get breakfast together and then hang out–he owned his own business in Hell, I mean El Campo, Texas.

  9. Murphy, my husband’s mother and her family were from Garwood, somewhere over there near El Campo. Strange, huh?

  10. I called them colors and the act of using them was also “color”.

    I’m from Arkansas, so I always have and still call every “soft drink” a Coke.

    I like Peanut m&ms and I’ve always preferred Oreos over Hydrox. I know Hydrox are older, but they weren’t as good.

    I call it tee tee and doo doo. Both were used as nouns and verbs too.

    My first car was a 1969 Impala. It was this strange grape purple color. Cool car though.

    My favorite toy? I liked Little Kiddles and my Lite Brite. I also had this cool spin art thing.

    My favorite cartoon was Johnny Quest, the Flintstones and Bugs Bunny when he interacted with Yosemite Sam.

    Key, I just saw you on Laurie’s post about how you met. You’re very cute

    My favorite memory is fishing trips along the Mississippi with just my dad and me.

  11. * Navy brat so all over *
    1) B and pronounced creyouns
    2) B soft drink
    3) pee/poo
    4) Milenium Falcon: I don’t know why. It was as big as I was so it was a real bitch to play around with.
    5) B Peanut- My mom was convinced I had a peanut allergy so you always want what you can’t have.
    6) Anything by Tex Avery. It still cracks me up.
    7) Either- Mom was also convinced I was allergic to chocolate.
    8) I had a 91 Ford Explorer. Then a year later I fell asleep at the wheel and totaled it. Ironically I hit a drunk driver so it kind of all worked out.
    9) I was an only child so I talked to a made up friend named Timmy. I knew he wasn’t real but it sure fooled the monsters in my closet.
    10)Probably the many times we went to Yosemite or Yellowstone. Picnics, bees, and fishing; all great memories.

  12. Karol: Garwood is near El Campo–sorry about that. El Campo is not so bad really. In fact, I think Satan has a summer place there. He likes it there because that is where the porthole to Hell is. Neat huh?


  13. Garwood, El Campo and all areas in between are known for rice farming. Been there only once and that was enough. I went through the porthole to hell and came to Eagle Lake.

  14. 1. crayons
    2. Everything is a Coke, e.g. “Gimme a Coke.” What kind? “Dr Pepper.”
    3. Hmm. I would “take a dump,” but the substance itself was “poop, crap, or shit.” Likewise, “take a piss,” but the substance was “piss or pee,” depending on circumstance.
    4. My BB gun. I liked to shoot things.
    5. Plain. Dad liked peanut.
    6. Childhood-wise, it’d be Warner Bros/Bugs Bunny. Today, simpsons, with Venture Bros. a quirky second.
    7. Oreos. Lord. Hydrox were for poor folks.
    8. Used 1979 Ford Elite, nicknamed “1-Adam-12.” Total PoS.
    9. Even though I was an only child, I didn’t have an imaginary friend. I was just bored.
    10. Standing up to a bully in 5th grade.

    I grew up (age 6-14) in Center TX, pop. 5,000, about an hour west of Shreveport LA, but moved around a lot before and after.

    Suggested questions:

    Are they called “slippers” or “houseshoes?”

    Do you say “pen” and “pin” the same way?

    Do you pronounce the “l” in “walk,” or do you say it like the Chinese cooking pan?

    How old were you when you got your first real gun? (assumes a lot, I know; I was 7).

  15. 1) Crayons

    2) Sodas

    3) poopoo and peepee

    4) tough one…probably nintendo (original) or my commodore 64. if you’re looking for an actual toy, my Hotwheels collection.

    5) Plain

    6) Another toughie…probably He-Man. Because i possessed the power of greyskull.

    7) Hydrox bitches…momma couldn’t ‘ford no Oreo’s.

    8)1984 Oldsmobile Firenza. Powder Blue. It would overheat approximately 2 minutes after driving it. Eventually it caught on fire (true story).

    9) Nope…just played with myself alot…i mean by myself…umm…he was masturbating…frank and beans

    10) Making a one handed diving catch to end a whiffle ball championship game…skinned the crap out of my legs but i was a neighborhood legend.

    Born & Raised in Brooklyn, NY, USA.


  16. 1. crayons
    2. coke
    3. No. 1 or No. 2
    4. toy horses
    5. peanuts of course!
    6. Tom & Jerry, also Road Runner! I liked the chase.
    7. Oreo’s
    8. 969 Karman Ghia {of the VW family). It did the best do-nuts in Galveston’s beaches on west end!
    9. I didn’t need one, I was oldest of 5 kids.
    10. growing up in S.E. end of Houston, in front of Old Hobby Airport area, you were close to everything, but far enough out from downtown Houston!

    PS I hope Martha gets to feeling better soon, give her my best wishes…

  17. 1. Crayone although remember hearing them called colors too.
    2. Cokes (tissues were all Kleenexes)
    3. I really don’t want to answer this: teetee/potty
    4. Tinkertoys, because I liked making things and the challenge to do it with the parts, holes and lengths of sticks provided. Plus, I loved the way the smelled and sounded when dumped onto the floor.
    5. Plain
    6. All Looney Tunes because the animation was top-notch, the voice characterizations were the best and the humor the wittiest and funniest.
    7. Oreos
    8. A brown Plymouth Fury III complete with rear wheel skirts (seemed like 40’long and 8’wide)
    9. No
    10. I couldn’t possibly narrow it down

  18. 1. Crayons
    2. Coke
    3. Pee and poop, respectively
    4. A collection of dinosaurs…imagine Ross from Friends
    5. Plain – it’s all about the quantity
    6. Gotta go with Wiley Coyote vs Roadrunner. The classic set, not the PC version.
    7. Seriously?
    8. 1977 Chevy Luv – white beater pickup truck, built out of solid metal and rust. I thought it was beautiful.
    9. I still have imaginary friends. I call them “coworkers”.
    10. Best childhood memory? Making my mom laugh so hard at the Village Inn that she squealed and then cried. It was my perfect delivery of this joke:
    Me: “Hey mom, what’s the difference between boogers and broccoli?”
    Her: “Don’t…please, no…”
    Me: “Kid’s don’t eat broccoli!”

    They made us leave the restaurant.

    I grew up in Prescott, Arizona.

  19. Okay, Laurie:
    1. Crayons
    2. Soda or ‘pop’, depending on company
    3. #1, #2
    4. I had a lot of marvelous toys. Probably my scale-model trains.
    5. Reese’s Pieces
    6. EEK! The Cat. I wasn’t a cartoon fan as a child. In college, I identified with Eek as a good-intentioned hapless loser.
    7. Oreos. You could crack your teeth on Hydrox.
    8. A 1984 Ford Bronco II. It was a hand-me-down from dad. No A/C, and rust continually tried to claim it. Dad and I would sand the roof and hood regularly and spray paint them with a Krylon blue that matched it perfectly. I’d sometimes have to pin the butterfly injector back with a clothespin, run to the cab and turn it on, then run back to un-clip it before my carburetor exploded. Good times.
    9. No imaginary friends I can remember.
    10.I couldn’t possibly narrow them down. Basically, I hold times spent with my wonderful family especially dear.

    I grew up in Blackberry, WV/Toronto, ON/Atlanta, GA.

  20. Both colors and crayons
    Pee and poop
    Beavis and Butthead. It was what my family and I would consider our “family hour” because everyone agreed it was greatness. And older cartoon I watched daily was Tiny Toons. Tiny Toons just made feel all warm fuzzy inside. I’ve always admitted to being a dork.
    WTF is Hydrox? Yea, I clicked Wiki. Still weirded out by the name.

    84 Toyota Corolla. I covered the rear window in stickers. My dad hated them. I thought it was “cool” of course and added tiger print seat covers and tacky pink fuzzy dice. I decided if I was going to drive that old thing, I was at least going to make sure I was overplaying the tacky.

    Grew up in Arlington, Texas.

  21. 1. B – crayons
    2. B – Soft drinks
    3. Pee & Number 2
    4. Easy Bake Oven – I got to bake stuff, and it didn’t taste bad.
    5. A – Plain
    6. Smurfs – I loved all the different smurfs, especially jokey and whiny.
    7. Oreos ALL THE WAY
    8. A black cherry cherokee jeep. I loved it; then one day I went on a trip with my friend’s family and my family sold it for money.
    9. No imaginaries.
    10. Eating beef jerky, shrimp salads, and drinking fruit punch with my dad on the floor while we watched tv.

    I grew up in Orange County, CA.

    What can you tell me about myself LK??

  22. Yup, still say tump. Some folks know what it means, some don’t.

    1. colors
    2. Pop
    3. Pee & poop
    4. Barbie doll with gowns made by my mother.
    5. Peanut
    6. Felix and Popeye. Black & white – nuff’ said.
    7. Oreos.
    8. 1962 Mercury Monterrey. Yeah, I rock.
    9. Imaginary what?
    10. Watching Lost in Space at dinnertime. It was a special treat to have mom carry the TV into the kitchen so we could watch our favorite show when dad was working late.

  23. 1. I knew they were crayons, but I always called them colors

    2. I was born and raised in Texas. EVERY carbobated beverage is a Coke.

    3. Doo doo and tee tee

    4. I had toys but non-toys were my favorite thinks to play with. I collected small ceramic animals and played with them. For hours.

    5. peanut

    6. Bugs Bunny with Yosemite Sam.

    7. Oreos

    8. 1965 Dodge Dart (black and white) with white bucket seats. Nicknamed it “The Skunk”.

    9. I had Lisa Cass. She was a little girl, around my age. I can still see her. Sometimes I wonder if she was a spirit, a ghost. I knew she’d died in a car accident. Really strange. I also played with Bimsey who was a horse who walked upright on his two hind legs. He had a white collar with a green tie and he wore a black bowler hat.

    10. It’s dusk…summer. I was sitting on the back patio with the intercom blaring out what amounts to easy listening music. The lawn had just been mowed. I remember smelling freshly cut grass. I sat on the patio’s cement floor, feeling it’s absorbed warmth. My parent’s were there too…in chairs, surveying their property, talking about future plans that never materialized.

    They were divorced five years later.


  24. 1. A. Colors

    2. E. Dr Pepper

    3. potty and tt

    4. Lincoln Logs

    5. Plain

    6. The Jetsons

    7. Oreos

    8. 1979 Olds Cutlass–metallic blue with camel landau and pinstriping

    9. Of course and I have added them through the years–and they are all still with me

    10. There are so many, don’t make me single one out

    Eagle Lake/Texas/USA

    And yes, “tump” is an official word in my lexicon.

  25. 1. colors
    2. cokes
    3.do do and tee tee(where the hell did that come from-must be the Crews side of the family)
    4. didn’t have any-my little sisters broke them all
    5.peanut of course
    6. Flintstones -loved Fred
    7. Hydrox- and yes they still make em’
    8. a tan color 1964 ugly 2 door Dodge Dart with push button controls- it was a used car that this nerdy guy traded in to our dad(owned a Dodge dealership) I had to drive around town for 2 years in that car! It was like wearing Goodwill clothes and people recognizing them. What goes around comes around-we made our kids do the same thing.
    9. myself(I was the oldest child)
    10. being with my Mama Kay(grandmother) she loved me unconditionally-I still miss her very much.
    PS sometimes we can be fixin to tump somethin over if we don’t watch it!!!!!!!!

  26. oh I almost forgot- grew up in Karnes City Tx-you see I am LK’s oldest sister and I could tell you stories!!!!!

  27. 1. Colors

    2. Cokes

    3. tee-tee and BM

    4. Playmobile dashboard…had working headlights, turn signals, windshield wipers, etc. I credit playing with that for the fact that I have never ever even been pulled over by law enforcement, much less received any tickets in the 42 years I’ve been driving.

    5. Both plain and peanut.

    6. Casper the Friendly Ghost because I like to think ghosts are mostly friendly.

    7. Hydrox by far…they tasted better than Oreos.

    8. 1973 Chevrolet Malibu – 2-door, puke green

    9. Never had any imaginary friends…even those guys didn’t want to play with me.

    10. Waiting outside for my dad to pull into our driveway after work. He always seemed so happy to see us and play with us.

  28. 1. Colors
    2. Everything is called a coke
    3. Poop and Pee
    4. G.I. Joe’s – loved those things!!!
    5. Peanuts….they would show up in the poop.
    6. Speed Racer-I loved the around the world race every other day.
    7. Oreo’s
    8. 1972 Cutlass….it was affectionately called the “brown sumbitch”. Bought it for $200 and sold it for $50.
    9. Had 4 older brothers, no need for imaginary friends.
    10. Hmm….I have so many. Probably playing games with my mom, granny and brothers.

    I grew up in Deer Park, Texas

  29. 1. Crayons

    2. Sodas

    3. Depending on how young you mean, well, I’ll be nice – Pee and Poo

    4. Without a doubt – my bike!

    5. Plain – why cut back on the chocolate?

    6. Bugs Bunny – cool, and yet whacky.

    7. Oreos. Why bother with an imitation?

    8. 1961 Chevy Belair – very used, but for $100 it was mine, all mine! It burned equal parts motor oil and gas, and had a steering wheel the size of my bike tire. And best of all, it had a back seat worthy of er… um… well… ya know.

    9. Too many real life friends, was almost never alone – played sports morning, noon, and night, until my parents had to drag my ass into the house to practice piano. So… no imaginary friends for me.

    10. Hanging out at the schoolyard in the summers before high school. We’d play baseball and basketball all day long, swim in LC’s pool if we were there early enough to help clean it in the morning, and I had my first kiss and heavy necking experience among all those nooks and crannies of the miscellaneous entryways of the building…

    Grew up in Connecticut, Planet Earth.

  30. Waco, TX.

    1. crayons
    2. cokes
    3. poopoo and peepee
    4. My Tonka Truck. It even had a driver I named “Freddy.” My nephew plays with it to this day.
    5. peanut
    6. Scooby Doo. It was the only cartoon I would watch
    7. Oreos
    8. 1995 Chevy Blazer, Z-71
    9. no imaginary friend
    10. Taking summer classes at Baylor for college credit…when I was in Jr. High

  31. Crayons
    poop & pee
    toy cars, I just wanted to DRIVE!
    Woody woodpecker… He was such a rascal.
    I paid 60.00 for a 1964 Oldsmobile with a burnt valve in the engine I never drove it, I just worked on it for 2 years and towed it to the junkyard after I enlisted in the Army.
    We’re still together.
    Riding by bike in the late afternoon, the “sweet Light” of the California sun.
    Sacramento, California Mother from Lousiana Father from Texas

  32. 1.) A colors
    2.) D Cokes
    3.) Pee-pee and Doo-Doo
    4.) Stilts. Still the best invention for short people!
    5.) B- peanut
    6.) Never was in to cartoons. We had to “get outside until I call you in for dinner!”
    7.) Hydrox (I think they were cheaper) so that’s why my mom bought them.
    8.) 1978 Green and Green interior Grand Prix. After the initial shock that someone would see me driving it…I came to terms that they were “wheels” and I was lucky not to have to take the bus anymore.
    9.) Wonder Woman. She was going to come down and grant me powers. She was my idol! Well, if I could be a Charlie’s Angel that would have been fine too.
    10.) Our Church had a swim club in West Houston. My mom took us there everyday. There was one beat up speaker where we could hear the tunes of the 70’s through that thing. To this day, I can hear one of those songs and feel myself reaching down beside me to move the hose over so I could water down the slide before my descent.

  33. 1. crayons
    2. soda
    3. peepee y caca
    4. hot wheels or bb gun
    5. peanut
    6. coyote and roadrunner, but bugs is my hero
    7. oreos
    8. 1973 vw bug, dad used my saved up summer money to buy it and forced me to work on it. too much work for me, sold it and got a camaro.
    9. no imaginary friends, but I did disrobe several women with my mind, does that count?
    10. summer on the Mediterranean in Benidorm, Spain.

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