Videos I Don’t Get…At All

Some videos make no damn sense.

It’s true. No sense at all.

All of the selections in this post are foreign but even so…everything has a natural order; a certain ebb and flow….a rhyme and a reason.

Except for these videos.

Case in point: This is–I guess–a homegrown tribute to Spiral Staircase, produced by a few hipsters at Manilla University in The Philippines. Never mind that the tune to which it is an homage, is almost 40 years old.

This video, mi gente, is the reason why The Philippines will never...EVER be a global juggernaut. It will never be a major geopolitical player as long as it continues to adhere to a scorched Earth policy AND as long as it continues to produce shit like this.

And what’s with that suit-wearing, Aquino looking dude doing at the end of the video throwing Philippino pesos all over the place.

All I can say is wow.   All anyone can say is wow.

Was it just me or did anyone else pick up on the thinly veiled “homo elloticism” in parts of that video???

Anyone? Anyone? (tap, tap, tap)  Ethnic humor happening here….Is this thing on???

Moving on down (or up) the Pacific Rim as it were, we find a piece of digital confusion from our frenetic friends in Japan.

This a call to arms I think, and the main reason why we should bring back Hirohito Accords. And what exactly is going one with the arm movements of those chicks on the sidelines? Early onset Parkinson’s Disease?

A spastic colon that headed north??

Watch for as long as you can take this nonsense.

Well, with this next one, think: post modern Hitler Youth.

Yes, this video teeters on being full-on disturbing. It’s a prime example of today’s typical angst ridden Teutonic kinder….unt mit Japanese subtitles, mein Gott!!!

Hhh’mmm… Tourette’s maybe?

Advanced to severe untreated A.D.D?

Or perhaps a future Luftwaffe commandant???

Does he have the Reich stuff???

YOU MAKE THE CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. LK,

    WTF are you doing to me with that Looptard video?? I tried to take my own life like 3 times, but I was so shaky with the razor blade, I couldn’t get it right.

    But since you love really weird videos like this, check out this great post:

    It’s really funny. I don’t get it, but I found myself doing the aerobics along with the Japanese women, and I was both empowered and confused after about 3 reps.


  2. You’ve gotta admit that the videos by the prisoners in the orange overalls could be just the thing to lift the Philippeans out of the cultural doldrums. Oops, sorry, meant to say “lol” again. What are the other 24 letters on my keyboard for exactly?

  3. Thanks a lot LK. I watched the second video for 2 minutes, went into a trance, ran screaming out of my house and killed all of my neighbors. Gotta go, sirens are coming.


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