You Like Me, You REALLY Like Me!!


Oh, Sally….Sally….Sally!!! What an arse you made of yourself that day.

You win your second Academy Award for Best Actress, a feat rarely ever achieved in Hollywood and you blew it in front of a global audience by allowing your rampant insecurity to protrude like a giant hernia.

Look at you now—relegated to a weekly series on ABC and forced to co-star wth Calista Flockhart, no less!!! Oh nubile Gidget and sweet, sweet air worthy Sister Bertrille–how the mighty have fallen.

And lo these many years later, we look at the term, “SAG membership”. It’s not just an affiliation; it’s an adjective too, isn’t it Sally???

Tragic, cursed gravity!!!

But in a way, I know how you felt that night at the Oscar telecast, Sal.

Sort of.

You see, this sad, little threadbare blog of mine has been nominated for “The Funniest Blog” in the 2007 Weblog Awards. And for that, I have to thank the brilliant R.H. Potfry, co-author of one of the smartest, most cleverestest blogs on this Big Blue Marble, The Nose On Your Face.

TNOYF is also nominated for Funniest Blog, by the way.

I am honored that this 6.5 month old effort has been recognized. A nomination is extremely flattering. I had no idea a contest like this even existed.

I’m not a competitive sort, well, not any longer anyway. These days, I write for myself more than anything else. If readers like my stuff–fabulous. If a reader doesn’t like my stuff–fabulous. If your writing elicits ANY kind of emotion from your readers, well, then that’s the real prize.

There’s no way I’ll win, but I’m very flattered. Honest!

If you’d like to nominate a blog, you can. There are several different categories from Best Overall Blog to Best Political Blog. There’s also Best Dressed, Best Dancer and of course, Most Likely To Succeed. Go relive your traumatic, acne riddled, teen angst inspired High School days by clicking here to be taken to the nominations page.

You only need one nomination to be considered so NOOOOO, this is not a solicitation for one, but if you want to nominate a blog, you need to do it today (Monday 10-15/07). Today is the deadline for nominations. But you can continue to vote for the next several months. You can do that by clicking the little green circle with a “+” sign in the middle of it. The circle is located in the lower right hand corner of the on-line ballot.

You can even nominate yourself. Al Gore, the self-promoting global messiah certainly would!.

.Gore and his alter ego, Jesus Christ

Aw, look at them. Al and Leonardo DiCaprio sure make a dashing couple but I gotta tell ya, Leo is certainly looking very “ancient Judean” these days, is he not???

Come on, be like Al. Maybe you too can one day win a Nobel Piece prize. As for those pesky Burmese monks??? They’d have no place to put it anyway. Besides, what did they do? Oh, they just risked their lives to break the Myanmarese junta’s draconian laws to prove the power of peace.

But Al Gore went the distance. He threw a few melting ice cubes at some polar bears. Huge…HUGE!!!

Yep, nothing fallacious about that one, kids.

Nothing at all.


  1. “If your writing elicets ANY kind of emotion from your readers, well, then that’s the real prize”. I am totally with you on that one girl. But cut Calista Flockhart some slack. She may be a bad role model for women, due to her painful thinness, but she is quite cute, in a want to pin her to your lapel sort of way.

  2. LK: Awesome job on the radio this weekend. I placed my votes for ya–good luck. After reading the comments I voted Keywork for “Most Likely To Make My Morning Dr. Pepper Shot Out of My Tear Ducts” award.


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