Crime and Punishment


Once upon a time in Houston—where you can shoot an arrow in the air…and it’ll stick— there was a judge named Ted Poe, who used to give out extremely creative sentencing. He was of the mindset that humiliation was as much a part of the punishment as paying a hefty fine, serving time and having the stigma of the word “felon” attached to your bio-turned-rap sheet.

During Judge Poe’s tenure on the bench, it was rather commonplace to see a guy standing on a busy street corner or in a very public place–such as by one of the entrances at the famed Houston Astrodome wearing a large sandwich board and on the front and back it would say something to the effect of, “I’m Fred Smith, a Houston architect and I beat my wife”.

More often than not, a Constable or a court appointed over-seer would make sure the offender didn’t budge from his spot. If he was ordered to stand there throughout an Oilers game at the Dome….HE HAD TO STAND THERE THROUGHOUT AN OILERS GAME AT THE DOME!!!

Judge Poe received recognition from all over. He was even on “60 Minutes”. Everyone it seemed, applauded the judge’s creativity. We LOVED IT!!!! I know I did. Humiliation always kept me from doing the same dumb shit thing twice.

Except for relationships.

But that’s another post…

Speaking of creative punishment, take a look at this young lad holding a sign.


I don’t know where this was photographed—not sure of the city, but it’s obviously a cue taken directly from now Congressman Ted Poe’s philosophy of dispensing just and fitting punishment.

Take a closer look at the sign.


This young lad is getting the lesson of a lifetime.

And in his particular case, who’s the person administrating and overseeing the punishment?????







Let’s hear it for Tough Lovin’ Moms who care enough to humiliate their children! Sometimes that’s the only way.

This woman is probably saving her son’s life….in more ways than one.



  1. 2007?

    I’ll get the shovel and dig the hole if you want to make this year take a ‘dirt nap.’

    (watching the Emmy’s made me a little nostalgic for the Sopranos)

    Scottie…I love you. Yes, let’s dig a deep ass hole. Send her to mafia sleep, babe.

  2. Thank you for posting this
    I like Ted Poe’s philosophy
    and I plan to do this if my son gets suspended from school

  3. Agree with the actions of the mother above and good on her and also to the judge a round of applause and why don’t they do that here in New Zealand to the thugs there who rob elderly and teenagers etc do the same thing and I am sure they wont repeat offend instead if spending millions in courts and jails and health sectors, humiliation is a very strong thing and it does make people think on their own actions.

    Too right Murray….and yeah—Good on her..dingo got me baby daughter and everything!!!

  4. I also admire that mom. She’s not letting her son out of her sight. She’s staring that poor kid down!

    I just have to be an asshole here: That sign should probably say “Hi. I’m 13 years old and I have trouble understanding margins”.

    I’m curious. Which station? Email me if it would be better.

    I know this has been a really shitty year for you. I’m sorry about that. You can always come type your fingers off and spill your guts out in my inbox. Honest.

  5. My guess is that momma was forced by a judge to sit and monitor her thieving son as he did his penance. The judge prolly said, “If you can’t teach your son not to steal then you deserve to pay part of the price for his actions.” No wonder she’s pissed.

  6. WAY TO GO MOM!!!

    I agree with this mother and Ted Poe. We need more judges like Ted was and far less politicians. We need more parents like this and far less arm-chair Dr. Phils.

    Changing subjects to “Saying goodbye to Radio”.

    I did it almost ten years ago. I had the same view as you. I loved the late nights but that was my younger days. It sucked then when I was canned, but yah know God always puts yah where you are needed at the right moment. Although my life is different now, I still miss it.

    Thank you again for letting me sit in on your show last October, it was a blast!

    Love yah my Friend!

  7. That’s great. Our (all but infamous) Sheriff Joe Arpaio here is big on that kind of thing too, although I have yet to see anyone doing this personally.

    I like the addition of “to be with daddy” in the different marker. It strikes me that Mom saw fit to make sure that Dad got his share of the blame, even in his absence.

  8. Laurie, I was also a big fan of Judge Poe and for the same reason. Thanks for posting these pictures… I’ve forwarded the link to a friend of mine who is having some problems with her high-school-aged son. Maybe a little Poe-style parental justice will help him as well. (Or at least put the “fear of Mom” into ‘im!)

  9. Laurie: Love the Ted Poe post–I was a prosecutor at the Harris County D.A.’s office in the mid 1990’s and he was my hero-Judge.

    Another tip for your viewers with problem middle schoolers is to take a day off work and spend it with their kid—in school. Walk with them from class to class and lunch and p.e.and then let them know that you are willing to do that everytime they get in trouble in school if that is what it takes for them to shape up.

    I had a friend do this–he only had to go one time.


  10. I really admire Judge Poe, I just wish there were more men like him. And, God bless that poor Mom! Hopefully, she will put the fear of God in him, before it is too late. And, I wish you well on your new adventures and I know there is something wonderful out there for you! The best of luck!

  11. I think that (cost effectiveness) was also part of Poe’s intent.

    If incarceration isn’t working and recidivism is at an all time high after the fact, why not try humiliation?

    He did and while I don’t have the stats, I do believe it had some degree of success. Depending of course, on the level and severity of the infraction.

    A man who brutally raped and killed three women can’t serve his time red faced and embarrassed while standing with a sandwich board, on the median of a busy intersection for eight hours.

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