Swords: A Cautionary Tale


Cautionary Tale #1


Cautionary Tale #2


These crazy ass videos are dedicated to my friends, the insane inmates at the asylum I call rationreality.com

Why? Because if they had more time, a few more friends, a camera and a mom who owned a costume and wig shop, this would be the same, exact crazy fucked up shit they’d produce!

These videos are hilarious to me for a number of reasons:  Trip Fisk, mainly.  His blatant camera turns make me laugh..as does his wig, his eye patch and the incessant use of the word “fuck” which when uttered by a Senior Citizen in that classic, his middle American no accent-accent, just makes it all the more ridiculous.



  1. Will you be my mommy too? I’ll wear diapers and everything. And I might have been a bad boy…

    OK, that was wrong.

    Seriously: These are hilarious. Thanks for being willing to suffer through the endless bad videos to share with your loyal readers the cream of the crop.

  2. Well, not only did I learn that if I own a sword I’ll probably kill or dismember myself or someone I love, but there’s a really good chance that I’ll end up sporting a mullet and wifebeater tank top.

    Thanks for the “The More You Know” moment.

  3. Wow, Laurie… That was awesome! We’re flattered and we’ll never look at a decorative sword the same way again!

    Is it me, or does Tripp Fisk remind you of Lloyd Bridges, too?

  4. I tell ya what Bagel,

    If you will just sign this treaty, I promise I won’t steal any ELSE from you again.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sadly, tragically funny, WC. Nicely done.

  5. Bagel,

    Did you notice how this is remarkably like the Bush administration:

    “We didn’t want to kill these people, but they threatened to follow us back to our shores and kill us for Satan. Us Godly Christians will kill there here so they don’t kill us later on our shores.”

    I’ll be sending some shiny beads to you. Be looking for General Custer any time.

  6. WC: Liberal, much?

    I’ll admit, the Bush admin is one big cluster-fuck (and not the hott Japanese kind), but don’t get me started on the war. The only thing we’ve done wrong is forget where our collective scrotum is.

    First you murderdeathkill the bad guys. Then you consider rebuilding the country in your own image.

    It’s important that these steps be taken in order.

  7. Bagel,

    WC:Liberal, much?

    I’m just one of the sheeple…

    When I’m scared I want a President who will so get that mofo ON.

    When I’m not scared I think about the boys and girls dying in 120 degree heat–we need to bring the troops home.

    I want free health care, expanded help for single mothers, better roads and education opportunities, but I want lower taxes.

    I want to know what my government is doing, but I want someone to feed it to me in little well-scripted, pre-spun sound bites.

    I think the government means well.

    Oh my goodness–I just realized I’m…


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