When We Was Kids


Through the magic of a process that is as close to Darwinian evolution as it gets, we age.

We grow up.

From fertilized egg..to zygote..to fetus…to baby…to toddler…and so on.

It’s hard to imagine that some people were ever children.

But they were. Even Andrew Card was once a tyke.

I wonder what some looked like in their formative years, especially celebrities.

So, I sought and yes, I did find. I found pictures of what this planet’s most illustrious luminaries looked like all those decades ago.

In fact, I pilfered all but one photo from e-baum’s world.









What a LOVELY GUY Tina Turner was, huh???





And last but not least…



Laurie Kendrick



  1. Who do you resemble, Laurie? Your grandfather daddy or your daddy brother?

    Karol, You are INDEED a duhty whore! You look like Leo from the Motor Company.

    And Raul and Chico and Jimmy and that filthy, Leonard Kotzur. BUTTERTEETH!

  2. Aside from whatever in hell a monkeyface is . . . . Courtney Love was Drew Barrymore?

    No, that’s definitely a pic of a young Courtney Love. Put a photo of young Drew B next to her and there’s no real resemblance…promise. I didn’t include Drew in this batch of photos because God knows we all know what she looked like as a child.

    What is a “monkeyface” you ask? Hell, I can’t even figure out what exactly a “former frontier editor” is……

  3. You are so cute when you were young and you have grow to be beautiful lady… That is so strong and talented!!!

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