Observations Part 4

We’ll kick things off with Michael Moore.I’ve said in no uncertain terms, in this very blog that I used to like Michael Moore. As the daughter and granddaughter of car dealers, the automobile industry has always been something I both loved and loathed. I thought his documentary, Roger and Me was nothing short of brilliant. I’ll give Lard Ass that much.

Moore is a Flint, Michigan native. The film focuses on his frequent and fruitless attempts to get an interview with the C.E.O of General Motors. It also paints a very sad and grim portrait of life in Flint after G.M.’s massive layoffs and plant closures.

But either Michael changed–or maybe I have. I’ve lost of my respect for him, but I think he actually found it….and then, quickly ate it.

Here are the Tons-O’-Fun Twins, Michael Moore and Jabba the Hut.

michael3.jpg . jabba.jpg


Did you know that our Vice President, Dick Cheney had a twin sister? Oh yes! It’s true. Her name is Sandy Cheney and she looks amazingly like her brother.

dick5.jpg . dickindrag.jpg

Cheesy I know, but I found this photo of a effeminized Dick and felt compelled to include it.



Dobby is a house elf, the kind who speaks ONLY in third person. He is a periphery character in the “Harry Potter” movie series.

Dobby is also the creation of J.K Rowlings fertile imagination….which is now worth about 6.8 (B) billion dollars.

Beside him is Russian honcho, Vladimir Putin, the creation of Mrs. and Mrs. Putin, who I’m sure are worth several Rubles.

Both bear a striking resemblance to each other.

dobby.jpg . putin5.jpg


Former Veep, Al Gore has been in the news so much lately…talking all ’bout Global Warming and what have you. Here at Observations, we’re glad that he still has time to commune with the people with just the right amount of ribald gesticulation.

Here, Al is addressing what’s surely an enthralled crowd and he’s hammering home salient points with what’s known as “jazz hands”…and a lowly little hamster pays homage to the Global Savior by responding in kind.

al1.jpg . hamsterhands.jpg

This combo makes me laugh! Odd isn’t it how when side by side, all four “hands” look awfully similar!

Let this serve as a “global warning”, my friends.


Phil Spector is many things.

He is a leviathan when it comes to music. He’s produced epic songs and albums that have become “the music of our lives”.

He’s also been charged with killing a woman and with the unlawful possession of really bad hair.

Lately, I think he looks like a really dirty dandelion.

philspector.jpg . dandelion.jpg


In the mid to late 80’s, I was dazzled by the comical stylings of Brother Theodore. The German born comic actor, did some stand-up (or should I say “schtand up”–he had a hell of an accent) but his forte was character driven roles. He was weird neighbor on Burbs with Tom Hanks and in a host of other movies. He died in 2001, but leaves behind a legacy of hilarious performances.

I hadn’t thought of Brother Theodore UNTIL I saw this photo of Senator John Warner–the “other” Virginia Ham.

brotherted.jpg . jwarner3.jpg


Kids, when I literally stumbled upon this drawing of an ogre, there as only one person that came to mind. I searched TWO HOURS for just the right picture of this guy. I knew in my gut it was out there…

And it was.

And when I finally found it, it was laugh out loud funny.

troll3.jpg . billlmahr4.jpg

This is just too perfect. The angle of the head, the squinty eyes, the smile—THAT NOSE!!! It was fate, destiny, kismet and serendipity that lead me to this drawing of a troll.

I’d say destiny, fate, kismet and serendipity are most definitely NOT Bill Maher fans.



And as we learned with Al Gore, sometimes, it’s all about the hands…

billhands.jpg . dickhands4.jpg .george-sr.jpg . biden2.jpg . fredhands.jpg

And here, too!!

johnw1.jpg . billflathand.jpg


And lastly, who would’ve thought so many Washington Beltway insiders were such Size Queens…well, Hillary maybe–yes, but the rest???

fingers1.jpg . fingers5.jpg . fingers7.jpg


E tu Hamid Karzai? E tu????? And Mary Matalin informs us in universal sign language that hubby, James Carville apparently has a “short story”, too!

fingers-karzai.jpg . matalincarville.jpg


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  1. hahaha. the nutcracker is what did it to me! well, that and the jazz hands and who would have thought so many politicians had so many ways to show their expression yet so few not to be original!? hum.

    funny stuff…

  2. Squint really hard at Sandy Cheney and it looks more like Richard Harris

    ” . . . . It took so long to bake it, and I’ll never have the recipe agaiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn . . . . ohhhhhh nooooooooooooooooo”

  3. Extra brilliant with a side of genius!
    The audio S.A.B. was an unexpected bonus. Now I just have to unjam the screwdriver I shoved in my good ear…

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