Beating Around The Bush


I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

I’m talking about the many facial expressions of your president and mine, George Walker Bush. Cameras always catch us in the face of being ourselves, but in our President’s case, it always seems to catch him being himself at the damndest times. His captured expressions are priceless.

And more often than not, hilarious.

Well, maybe not always hilarious, but odd…to say the least.

Just take a gander at these pics.


bushface.jpg . bushface2.jpg . bushface3.jpg .

bushface6.jpg . bushface7.jpgbushface4.jpg



Karl Rove walks in the Oval Office and addresses President Bush.

“Mr. President, I’ve just received a threat on this office and we believe it’s a very viable one, Sir”.

“Aw, come on now Rover! You know we get 368 threats everyday. Them threats is all idle. Shoot!”

“Well that’s actually the idea, Sir. They’ll do just that IF you don’t give in to their demand”.

“Oh? And what’s that?”

“Well, Mr. President…they want you to make long, languid love to a woman. A virgin, Sir. And a Democrat”.

“Now come on, Karl. You know I’m a happily married man. I took a vow to stay faithful to my wife. I ain’t gonna make a Democrat–much less a woman. By the way, who’s making this demand?”

“The Mafia, Sir”.

“That Soprano fella?

“No Sir. The real mafia…La Cosa Nostra, the Black Hand..that “thing” of theirs”.

“Well that’s very different. I guess I’ll do it, but I have a few conditions myself”.

“Alright, Mr. President perhaps we can negotiate that with their Consulieri. What are your conditions, Sir?”

“First of all, she’s got to be blind so she can’t see who’s defiling her”.

“Yessir, go on”.

“Secondly, she must be a mute…can’t talk so she can tell no one about the egregious act I’m being forced to committ”.

“Yessir. Anything else, Mr. President?”

“Yeah Rover–one more condition. Thirdly..she uh…..she uh…..she….”

“Yessir…go on!”

bush-big-ones.jpg “She’s got to have big ones….Like this!!!!!!”


Lastly, I might poke fun a Bush, but ultimately I have respect for the Office itself.   I was at one time–as I have stated on this blog–a card carrying Democrat until the late 90’s.

The Clinton administration changed all that for me.   In 2000, I voted for Bush and I repeated the process in ’04.    I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always agree with everything the man says or does.    And yes, I feel that he’s made some horrific choices and that perhaps, he’s been very ill advised on many occasions.

Even so, I think Bush has had a very difficult presidency. Perhaps one of the most difficult in history.

With that said, every president ages in office–that’s a given, but the fact that Bush has weathered as many storms as he has, is most evident.

No, it’s extremely evident.

Here, I’ll show you:


President Bush in early 2001



And THIS is what 9/11–the deaths of nearly three thousand innocents, Afghanistan, Iraq, Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma, Valerie Plame, Scooter Libby and dealing with France, Hugo Chavez and Harry Reid will do you to you in just over six years time.





  1. Is that last picture #41 or #43?

    I’ll have to dig up a picture of Harry Reid’s son, Rory. He looks like Harry’s older brother. I have no idea what’s swimming in that gene pool, but we’re gonna need a bigger boat.

    I’m laughing at the Roy Schieder line from “Jaws”, Scottie. Beautiful.

    Yep, that’s #43. Looks like hell, doesn’t he? I remember how haggard Clinton looked as he rounded out year seven. But he was already gray when (prematurely so) upon taking office, so it wasn’t as obvious as Bush’s “decline’.

    Imagine what Hillary would look like if she should….GOD FORBID…win?? I think after the second year, she’ll look like Strom Thurmand’s older brother!

  2. Call me immature, but I can’t help but think that every time I see a picture of Bush he looks like he’s about to take a massive dump.

    Or just did.

    In his pants.

  3. I have seen quiet a few presidents in my life time and everyone seem to aged about 25 to 30 years, before they should. It just goes to show how STRESSFUL THIS JOB IS! And man or women who takes this job God Bless him or her, they need all our support and prayers!!!!

  4. I just noticed that Ray Nagin is in the background of that one pic. He looks disgusted as if Bush had just said ” . . . with big ole Hershey Kiss ones . . . like this.”

  5. I’ve noticed that serious bit of aging myself. Lemme tell ya, it’s not a job I’d wanna have. I’m angling for the job of the guy behind the scenes that pulls the strings and gets things done. Lots of power, fast women and loose cars. I think I heard that blogging is one of the logical steps to getting there.

    I think you’re right. The power mad meglomaniac behind the power mad meglomaniac is where it’s at. THAT’s the primo gig. Take Karl Rove for example. He’s a hotbed of sensuality and carnal surprise. Why, every woman I know takes a look at Old Rover and says either aloud or to herself….”Mmm’mm…I gots to have me some of that!!!”

    And furthermore Bri, you’re also right about blogging being one of the way to assume the thrown in the Oval Office…and of course, as Clinton showed us, a good “sturdy” Macanudo or Cohiba helps.

    All’s well on Capital HILLary, Ya’ll!!


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