Observations Part 3

Let’s kick things off with an overview of veteran character actor, Richard Libertini (Fletch, The In-Laws, and a slew of other films) . When his face is fully landscaped with hair, he looks a a hell of a lot like Osama bin Laden…of the cave dwelling bin Ladens:

libertini.jpg . osama.jpg

I was perusing the Google Images pages and saw this lovely picture of St. Helen of Thomas…the venerable and Liberally beatified Washington reporter for Knight-Ridder, AP, UPI and Highlights Magazine.

I took one look this pic and the ravaging effects that time and gravity have had on Helen and only one….ONE corresponding image came to mind.

I looked for this particular picture for hours. Now, it’s a little dark and had to be blown up a bit, but I think you’ll see the resemblance:

Here’s Helen…




And here’s her arboreal Doppelganger:


HA!!!!! I laughed my ass off when I finally found this photo of the Talking Apple Tree, from the orchard scene, right before the Tin Man is discovered in The Wizard of Oz.

This picture convinces me that Helen and tree were in fact, separated at grafting.

It’s all in the neck, man.    It’s all in the neck!

One of the best attributes trained Reporters have is instant recall. You know–those famed instincts.

Not braggin’, but I have those.

We devour the information we’re given or even that which we see and we store it away in mental quivers. That’s why its hard to lie to a Reporter. For one thing, we’re naturally suspicious. Most of us have Napoleonic code that governs our checks and balances–not unlike Louisiana’s legal system. With us, you’re automatically guilty until proven innocent. So, whenever you tell us something that’s not in line with what you’ve said earlier, we’ll call you on it. (All my boyfriends have absolutely HATED that!!).

With that said, these “Observations” won’t always be about physical resemblance. I saw this particular photo of former Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld and IMMEDIATELY thought of the perfect accompanying pic–especially being the Wizard of Oddity that I am.

Sometimes, it all about the pose.

This comparison is just HILARIOUS in my opinion!!

rumsfeld.jpg . witch1.jpg

So, it’s Donnie and Margaret Hamilton as The Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz”.

“I’ll get you my Rummie….and your little George, too!!!”

I know there are a lot of “The Wizard of Oz” references on this edition, but the movie was so character rich, it contains a wealth of comparisons;  a veritable compendium of funny contrast.

With that said, here’s your standard issue “Observations” two-fer featuring one more with Margaret Hamilton.

This is for you oldsters. Here’s a very verdant Maggie looking like a Technicolor Danny Thomas.

witch2.jpg . danny.jpg

I don’t know about you, but I see the connection!

Was I the only one who thought THIS when on last season of “American Idol”, when that little Hindu Honey (for tiny little girls and gay men) Sanjaya embarrassed five generations of his family by:

A) trying to sing and

B) wearing his hair like this with zillions or hairdressers tuning in????

sanjaya.jpg . marvin.jpg

This next photo tag teaming is fairly interesting.

Sanjaya got me thinking about all the contestants on American Idol, so I went perusing through several photos from the past six seasons and when I saw one particular photo–well, I saw the comparison immediately.

Did you EVER expect to see the name Dalai Lama and that of American Idol finalist, Melinda Doolittle typed out in the same sentence?

dalai1.jpg . melinda3.jpg

Well, now you can die, because you’ve seen everything.

I can definitely see it, can you???

I interviewed the Dalai Lama once many years ago. He looked like he came straight from the runways of Milan and Paris. He was wearing this very same crimson and gold robe…..but with black Gold Toe socks and brown Hush Puppies.

But that was Zen, this is now!

I’ll wager big bucks that the artist of who rendered this sketch had the Dalai Lama in mind when he doodled it. Oh yeah!! Sure, he did!! You want Tibet?????

This is a rare bonus two-fer and suggested by a friend.

It deals with one of my favorite subjects: Presidential hopeful, Ron Paul. Ya’ll know I love to poke fun of old Ronnie. So, I couldn’t allow another “Observations” to get published without a little good natured Ron ribbing.

So, here’s Ron Paul Paul and a side-by-side of noted British actor, Sir Ian McKellan:

.ronpaul1.jpg . ian1.jpg

OK, pretty close, I’d say……

And now here’s Ronnie again and along side him, is Ian McKellan all decked out as the wizard Gandalf, from “The Lord of the Rings”.

ronpaul2.jpg . gandalf.jpg

Rather impressive, or so thinketh I…

OK..this is it. Are you ready for the BIG FINALE????

This one had me crying, kids! I’m not kidding! TEARS were streaming down my face when I made this connection. I found it quite by accident late one night. You ready?

It’s damned amazing!!!!

I’m VERY proud of finding this one. If I say so myself, it’s probably the funniest comparison to date on “Observations”.

Here’s former Presidential Advisor, Karl Rove:


OK..now, keep the mental picture of Karl in your head and scroll on down:






THIS….is a relatively current mugshot of Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon:


This one is just too damn funny!!!!!


Click here to be taken to Observations: Part 4


  1. Thank you for this hil-fuggin-larious blog. It was the capper to a weekend full of humorous things. I will go to sleep giggling.

    Thank you, Laurie. You rule!

  2. I’m so glad you put in the time to provide us with some serious laughter now and again. Love the Rove/Chapman comparison. Awesome insights as always!

  3. These are uncanny! Especially Rove and Lennon’s killer/Helen and the tree. I could totally picture her throwing apples. You know, she even sounds like those trees.

  4. I’ve always thought Melinda Dolittle looked like D.W., Arthur’s younger sister from the PBS series that bears his name.

    Go ahead, and Google it. I’ll wait.

    OH MY GOD, T!! You mean Francine? Yes, she does. I’d never heard of this show–I am old enough to be your sister, you know. Still, when I looked her up, I laughed out loud then felt condemned to the fires of eternal damnation for doing so, yet it is a very funny comparitive.

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