Picture This


  Tennis racket strings are made of cat gut, right??



Some men find tiny, nubile breasts absolutely riveting!



The subtle nuances in Japanese



My thoughts exactly….



I’m 5’1″. Welcome to MY world!!!



And then there are crop circles.

The tradtional:


And the not so traditional…like the Firefox logo.




And in color, no less!!!!le


Last but not least, a life sized crop circle of Michael Moore’s lower intestine..complete with colon:




  1. where do you find this stuff? do you ever sleep???????
    that model one was too much-laughter is contagious and just hearing those guys belly laugh was too much! loved it…….

  2. ok let me tell u gys…….
    crop circle are made by human…….
    if u need proof contact me i will tell u……………..coz i hv it

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