Model Behavior



Wait…please….let me catch my breath..Oh, my side hurts!!!

Oh God!   I’m crying, too!

OK….OK….I’m ready:



Please..if you do nothing else today, click here.



  1. I don’t know what was more funny, the model falling or the guys cracking up.

    You’re right E!, but I don’t care, it was still hilarious! Who knew human ankles could bend that way. It’s particularly funny to me when the video is slowed down. The guys laughing as they did helped the hoot quotient.

    The way she tried to get her footing–I think I’ve seen people hobbling about like that…I know on certain occasions, I HAVE!!

  2. she looked like she was getting knocked out by little Mac in Mike Tyson’s Punchout! If you’ve ever played that Nintendo game you’d laugh…if not…well you’re missing the reference and I can’t help you there 😉

    Funny stuff…LK…funny stuff.

  3. My computer wasn’t running right so I never saw the falls. Didn’t matter, the news guys got me laughing. I’m surprised she didn’t break half the bones in her body.

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