Observations Part 2

We start things off with a “rapper and a rover”. Check out Flava Flav and this ugly ass dog!!!!!

flavaflav.jpg . sickening_ugly_dog.jpg



Here’s an interesting comparison:

bolger.jpg . nancy.jpg

This is pretty funny, actually. See? This is exactly what I was talking about in the intro—sometimes there’s no real physical resemblance, but real comedy is obvious when the expression and head positions in each pic match up.

This is Nancy Pelosi and Ray Bolger as the Scarecrow from”The Wizard of Oz”.

Now, refresh my memory…which one actually needs a brain???


This one might be a stretch:

barker.jpg . kitty.jpg

This is the well-tatted and inked all to hell Travis Barker, the drummer from Blink-182 and a punked out kitty with a lot of hair product. I elongated the feline photo and that helped.


Here’s Senator John McCain looking a little more animated—in more ways than one!!!

mccain.jpg . caretman.jpg



This has got to be one of my favorites! Here’s the seaworthy Gentleman from Massachusetts and his striking resemblance to a rather zaftig orangutan:

teddy2.jpg . ape.jpg

Bon voyage, Tittie Kennedy!


As usual, I’m offering you a two-fer in this edition. It features my favorite Ovarian for President, Hillary Clinton:

First off, we have Hill siding up to a former teen heart throb:

hillary3.jpg . shaun.jpg

That’s Shaun Cassidy, straight off the pages of “Tigerbeat” magazine, circa 1976. Oh and uh…yeah, Hillary is the guy on the left.


And here’s your second Hillary offering. This one is pure pathos. Well, half of it anyway:

hillary2.jpg . tragedy.jpg

It’s Hillary and Tragedy from the “Comedy/Tragedy” masks representing theater. Hillary’s is the tired, beleaguered mask on the left.


Hhhh’mmmm….In a drunken stupor many years ago, I thought I heard Neil Young sing about wanting to live with a Simian Girl. Was this what he had in mind??

christina.jpg . super_ugly_monkey1.jpg

Well, at least you HAVE to admit that Cristina Aguillera’s hair (from her Moulin Rouge video) and that of this monkey/chimp/ape are a fairly decent match!!


How about Venezuelan potentate, Hugo Chavez and Guardian Angel Founder, Curtis Sliwa in matching chapeau?

hugo.jpg . curtis.jpg

Actually, save for the beret, there’s nothing similar here. Well, maybe—if you remove Hugo’s Mestizo enhanced melanin variable from the equation. But I swear they’re both looking at the same thing. I feel certain they’re watching a video-tape of an old Gene Kelly dance number.

And Hugo is getting aroused.



Quentin Tarantino and the one, the only…Madame

tarrantino.jpg . madame.jpg


Click here to be taken to Observations: Part 3


  1. Laurie, you are so good at this. I don’t know if you realize it but this is good enough to be revisited over and over again. I’m so glad you like doing it because I love seeing it. I really hope you keep this going.

  2. Loved the Nancy Pelosi pic and the Ted Kennedy one as well.
    You know you want him!

  3. That’s so neat, keep-up the good work. That sure did put a smile on my face and great laugh!!!!

  4. Hey –

    No one has ever seen and looked at Amelie Mauresmo and Highlander – Christopher Lambert.

    Maybe he’s really a she and a real-life Highlander.

  5. Awesome stuff as usual!!! Look forward to it being a weekly read! You have a good “eye” for the random, yet strikingly similar dopplegangers everyone seems to have!

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