Random Comedy



I’d like to offer you a public service. Here’s a primer on how to “properly” break-up with your girlfriend.

Ladies, this is for you, too!

What you are about to see is oddly, sadly accurate and (sigh) predictable.


Now come on, Mr. Man….after viewing this video, why do you really want to break up with the woman you want to break up with? Have you given her, this relationship a fighting chance? Enough time? Have you really tried? I mean really tried? Or did you just give up because it wasn’t convenient?

Is it because she’s had an attitude lately? Been kind of a bitch?

Well, it could be her footwear.

These are from the “Home Depot’s Exclusive Fall Collection”.

We hear Tungsten steel is big this season.

(This one’s for you, Molly!!!!)


The response from my recent Observations post in which I found pictures of people who could’ve been separated at birth was such a hit (thank you, by the way) that I promise, I’ll reprise the concept from time to time…..LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!!

I found a picture of this dog on the Daily HaHa. For grins, someone Max Factor’d on two really oversized eyebrows. Here’s a very large pic of Poochie:


Funny, right? Cute? Sure..

So, I was looking at this picture and only one person came to mind.



John Gotti?


Rosie O’Donnel as Ed Asner on Broadway?

Well, sort of…but the one person who I immediately thought of was THIS guy:


This is the mug shot of a one..David Ferrie; a man of dubious distinction from New Orleans. He was conspicuously linked to the Kennedy assassination by N.O District Attorney , Jim Garrison, but he died–supposedly of natural causes– before Clay Shaw, a Crescent City businessman and Ferrie consort, was brought to trial for the murder.

Joe Pesci played Ferrie in Oliver Stone’s pseudo biopic, “JFK”.

Ferrie was apparently many things….a hard-core Catholic and amateur cancer researcher who was fiercely anti-Kennedy, rabidly anti-Castro and apparently, a little Auntie Mame, too.

Ferrie was fired from his nice, cushy position as a Senior Pilot with Eastern Airlines in the late 50’s for reportedly engaging in “homosexual activity while on the job”.

Can you say “COCKPIT”?


Speaking of Rosie O’Donnell as a hairy terrorist, I also found this on Daily HaHa. I just wish I would’ve thought of it first.



Ha cubed, man!

It’s perfect…beautifully done and bound to be a classic.ย ย  Rosie really should consider that hair style……

ON HER CHEST!!!!!!!!!


  1. LK: Too funny. Loved the Ferrie analogy and it makes me wanna go back and watch Oliver Stone’s epic on the assassination investigation. Maybe this weekend. Thanks for making me laugh. Hope you’re laughing, too.

    DT…You’ll be happy to know that I laughed the entire time I wrote this post. There are a million reasons for me to laugh. It’s restorative, powerful. I do so appreciate your concern. Thank you. Here’s to us!


  2. That Rosie picture is perfect. Great find.

    On as side note, how the hell does one stretch out the neck hole on a t-shirt to that size? Crawl into it from the top?

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