Note To Self

Dear Self,

Quit watching TV, stop reading newspapers and news websites, don’t listen to the radio…hell, for that matter, don’t answer the phone!   Why?  Because the world is crazy!  

There are idiots and hate mongers out there who are hell bent on exacting as much misery as they can.

Not just in Darfur, Somalia, Iran or East L.A.   I’m talking right here, right now and the offenders are often people in your realm.   Those you love and who are supposed to love you.    This is for all the self loathers out there, too.   Being on the receiving end of our own hatred is just as damning.

In fact, we must also watch the way we use the word “hate”.   We, as a species, throw it around a lot.  Way too easily.   Just today, I was watching an interview with former C.I.A. honcho, George Tenet and I actually said out loud (I was all alone, mind you)  that I hated the way his nostrils flared whenever he was trying to make salient points.   For a minute there, I thought he was trying to help land a plane with odd facial semaphore.  

The reality is I dont hate George’s nostril flaring.    His new book?  Not so much, but his nose is fine.    

We just need to be kind to ourselves first and foremost…everything else is cake.  

As for cruelty?   It’s all about control.  That and inhumane treatment can whittle away at someone’s psyche, rendering him nothing more than aimless, human flotsam.    When self-esteem and self-worth are depleted, people are more maleable.   More easily controlled.  

This is nothing new.  Every enemy of Democracy has known this.  The leaders of the Axis powers had it down pat.   

So did Papa Doc Duvalier.


And Alec Baldwin. 

Let’s not forget what a cottage industry hatred has become in the U.S.   If society eradicated prejudice and hatred, what would Reverends Sharpton and Jackson do?    They’re the biggest perpetrators of hate.   Without these incindiary emotions,  both of these fat cats would be without jobs and money and ultimately, that would mean Jesse would have to find another word that rhymes with “unity”.

This might sound odd, but I think  problems are the reason why we wake up in the morning.  

We go to sleep to escape them.

Im the most basic sense, cruelty is a drastic way of exerting total control.   Hatred is a way to make sure cruelty thrives.                                          

This makes me sad.  It’s a great world, but it’s being trashed by horrible stuff, with horrible stuff.    You look around, shake your head in disgust and ask, “Other than THAT Governor Corzine, did you enjoy the ride?”




  1. Laurie, you really need to stop holding back. Tell us how you really feel 🙂

    Good post. (OH, and I agree. Especially about the nose thing. It’s like there are two bottomless pits on the guy’s face and they fill him at an upward angle.)

    (One more thing: That “One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus” chick? Have you ever noticed she has a pig nose? One you see it you’ll never be able to watch her again.)

  2. I think I actually saw brain matter in them there nostrils. Brain matter left that the govt. didn’t brain worsh.

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