New Style Blog: Episode One. IN COLOR

Dauville Bowls.

Don’t ask me what the history of these things are. I’ve Googled, Blinged and Asked Jeeves, but to know avail. I’m assuming they ‘re from a collection designed by someone with Dauville for a moniker or crafted in a French berg by the same name.

They’ve been around a while and mostly in knock off or DYI form. But you can get them at various on-line efforts, around 22 to 25 bucks, a tad more if they’re a larger size. If found mine for an absolute steal, on the back shelves of a little Hill Country gift shop, collecting dust, next to ghoulishly hideous metal welded farm animals.

I assure you, this wasn’t a mere “purchase”‘, it was a rescue.   Picture Entebbe with a credit card and better shoes.

Dauville bowls are quite simple in their elegance, often white or cream in color,cavalierly swathed with a silver or gold lining.

Like so:

dauville bowl

I’ve also seen them with pastel shades lining the bowls. That’s nice and all but I think other colors  casualize them (is that even a word???) and removes the pretentiousness for which social schleppers yearn.   They’re for entertaining only, not real service wear.   I’ve seen them used as jewelry, key and candy holders…wrapped kind only, please.   You don’t want leaded paint in them thar M&Ms for your guests.     Here in Laurieland, we like them gold, polished and empty…nekkid.  You can also find serving  pieces with the painting on the outside.   Sugar bowls, creamers, salt and pepper shakers, etc.   But none of those grab me like these little bowls, a mere three inches in diameter.

If you find yourself  jonesin’ for one of  these bowls, and they are lovely, keep in mind the line just under the lip is supposed to be uneven;   to imply the flawed charm of a hand-painted item.

Soon, I’ll demonstrate how I’ve tastefully paired them with a book about interior design choices of famous people and in in certain  iconic locales.  A friend gave it to me years ago, assuming I cared that Ringo Starr liked paisley couches.    But it’s a cool book by and large; lots of photos with nice, big print and perfect for ye olde coffee table. It also goes quite well with carefully placed Dauville bowls, size and color. Proof of this later this week.

I’m also in the process of snazzying up both of my bathrooms. I have always believed in bathroom art. Why not?  When one goes potty, there should be a certain aesthetic in place besides an aging Motor Trend magazine and a book of matches from some bar.

My pissoirs are both currently yawn inducing, style-wise.      Barren, devoid of color. Blah.     All bodily voiding experiences have been lackluster experiences.      But not for long, kiddies!!!

Later this week, I will write about all the changes I made with recent purchases from this uber chic designer I just discovered called “Amazon”.       Not sure, but I think he’s from South America.    How exotic!!!.     This cat can make anything apparently.

Before and after pics will be included.


Major Changes In Store

Hello all.

This blog was was born on March 31, 2007 in a fit of creative boredom during unemployment. It has been, is and always will be a humor blog first and foremost. But in it’s years of existence, I covered many topics, some serious, but still included carefully placed aspects my butter knife sharp wit. Subject matter varied; my crazy ass family dynamic was a fave as were tales of my many , MANY failed relationships, my ever fluctuating weight, my life as a (now 55 year old) crone and the accompanying errant hair growth that boggles the mind—and chin. I touched on politics which currently scare me, and I made jokes at certain celebrities’ expense.

I have now decided to convert this blog into one of style and pretty living, well, my version of it. That’s not to say that if a certain topic rears it’s head, I’ll ignore it. Or maybe I will. The downed Malaysian planes, Israel and Hamas, the porosity of the US/Mexican border, the various White House related scandals that makes Nixon look like a piker, you know subjects like that, could find a place here.

Example: What a well dressed Jihadi is wearing these days. Ways to stylishly embellish a deleted IRS e-mail. How a simple font change can make a cyber directive urging staffers to target politically conservative organizations so much more fun.

But seriously, you get enough dire news, even Facebook offers no reprieve. So, I dare to offer an option. This new version of the la blog will still contain all the bad puns, grammatical errors and typos you’ve come to expect from a Kendrick production, just less sob story and current events and far more self indulgent…and yes, all done will with a light hint of jest. and of course that will apply to the decor and my description of it, my reasons or motivation for purchasing and room placement and how by Christmas, it ‘ll no doubt be used for kindling.

Here’s my motivation. I was extremely fortunate enough to retire from a 30 year broadcasting career in the fall of 2012. Shortly after that, I moved from an overpriced tenement in Houston and into a new home in the Texas Hill Country. As a retiree, I decided to make my very first house a home and decorate it accordingly—my taste, my style whether design mavens Allegra Hicks or that very fey British guy Oprah uses to overdo every room she owns, every party she hosts, agree or not.

With the help of magazines, books and pilfering ideas from people
much more money and taste, I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot. This smallish, 18 hundred foot abode is rapidly becoming distinctly “Laurie”. How so? Well kids, I’ve learned to make bolder color choices, break free from my lifelong fear of non-symmetrical design and that patterns within reason, can be mixed without nauseating results. I’ve also learned that sometimes, a true object d’art must costs money.

And as they say here in The Hills, some time it don’t.

So, from this point on, this chick tries to go chic and I invite you to come along on my journey with me as I make countless mistakes trying to attempt to reach faux bourgeoise status.

It will be fun.

My first style blog offering? Join me soon for ways to decorate a cheap, undersized living room coffee table that’s scratched all to hell and back.